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Technical Tidbits 10/13: We’re going to Miami

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I swear there are zero images of this stadium that aren’t CG.

Kicking butts dot com. Our big boy kicker Harrison Butker who is now making big boy money in the NFL has gotten used to most of the differences between the college game and the pros by now, but he knows one thing remains constant: make a few good kicks and everyone loves you.

Just a few and everyone will remember you forever.

Butker’s lived his entire life in the southeast, so moving to Missouri has been a big change for him and he’s still getting settled in. But he’ll be trading in those Uber rides for limousines before we know it.

All in, ‘cause he’s ballin’. Has TaQuon Marshall’s play so far this season made you a fan? You’re not alone! His winning play on the field has earned him the praise of fans, media, and his teammates alike. Paul Johnson himself offered his own high praise: “he does some good things, sometimes.” Here’s to seeing Marshall grind Georgia Tech to many more touchdowns over the next season and a half.

Only two stories today. Enjoy not-noon Georgia Tech football tomorrow!