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Technical Tidbits 1/31: Kaleb Oliver, Adonicas Sanders commit to Georgia Tech

With one day remaining, Tech’s signing class is nearing completion.

NCAA Football: Duke at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Signing day isn’t until tomorrow, but that didn’t stop a pair of new commits from announcing their intentions to sign with Georgia Tech when the time comes. The first of the duo was four-star safety Kaleb Oliver, a Tennessee native who chose Tech over offers from Louisville, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, and his other finalist, Ole Miss. His commitment strengthens what is already the best group of defensive backs that Paul Johnson has ever brought on during his time at Tech, a list which includes the likes of Tre Swilling, Gentry Bonds, Jaytlin Askew, and a number of other talented players.

Commitment number two came from two-star wide receiver Adonicas Sanders, a South Carolina product who chose Tech over Presbyterian and Western Carolina. Wide receiver is a position that figures to be thin over the next few years, which is why it’s a bit puzzling that Sanders is currently the only commitment at that position as signing day draws near. He will likely remain the lone wideout standing as the recruiting cycle wraps up, but it’s certainly good to have another big-bodied threat on the outside. Congratulations to both Adonicas Sanders and Kaleb Oliver on their respective commitments!

Georgia Tech’s 2017 recruiting class now stands at 24 with just over a day remaining. The staff still has a few open spots to play with and has a couple of guys left on the radar, so we’ll see how everything finishes out.

The drawn-out child abuse case of former Georgia Tech star Recardo Wimbush and his wife Therian came to a close yesterday with a judge handing each parent a 20-year prison sentence for locking their son in the basement for 18 months. The couple was found guilty on three of seven charges by a jury, all variations of the cruelty to children charge stemming from the incident. One of the three guilty verdicts came because the Wimbush’s failed to seek medical attention for another son, who had developed abdominal cancer, and the other two were related to the son who was locked in the basement. It’s just a very sad case. Hopefully each of their 10 children are doing well despite being in the foster care system and with extended family.