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Basketball: Georgia Tech Bubble Watch 1/29

So...we in, or what?

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Georgia Tech Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

If you asked anybody at the beginning of the ACC play where GT landed on the bubble, most experts would have laughed. Well, who’s laughing now?

So what are our chances? Where do we stand? What do we have to do?

Where Do We Stand?

SB Nation- First four out

ESPN- Next four out

CBS Sports- Not in (They only have tournament teams) Does not include us (lol)

What Are Our Chances?

All of these rankings took place before our win against Notre Dame on Saturday. Now? We’re probably in if the season ends today. With wins against UNC, FSU, Notre Dame, and at VCU we have wins that most top-25 teams would envy. Unfortunately we have some bad losses (Tennessee, UGA, Duke, Ohio). Thankfully our wins are more recent and though our losses may have largely been blowouts, none are particularly painful (Ohio is 101 on kenpom, 126 by RPI). Thank god we beat NC A&T because that would have been a devestating loss.

In conference, three of our losses are against Duke, Virginia, and Louisville. Those are totally acceptable losses. The fourth is a loss at VT, another acceptable loss. The last 9 games, this team has brought it. In ACC play, we have three big wins, and no bad losses.

What Do We Have To Do?

Well, we still have to win — that’s for sure. But how much? At 13-8 with only 9 games remaining (against D-I competition), I think Tech still needs to win at least four more games and probably five. Ignoring our game against D-II Tusculum, we still have home games against BC, Syracuse, NC State, and Pitt. That is the easiest possible ACC home schedule. They really need to win at least three of these. But to start, our next two games are on the road against Clemson on Wednesday and Wake Forest on Saturday. Those sound easy, but both will be very tough. Clemson is only 2-6 in conference, but they have had a lot of close losses. Wake Forest is 3-6, but again has performed much better than their record would indicate.

I’m scared to believe in this team, but I’m too excited to be dragged down by those negative thoughts. So let’s start with some wins this week!