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Technical Tidbits 1/26: Jackets blow out No. 6 Florida State at McCamish Pavilion

All hail Josh Pastner.

NCAA Basketball: Florida State at Georgia Tech Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

It only took a couple of days for us to learn where former Georgia Tech recruit Joseph Bulovas would call home for the next four years, as the nation’s top kicker announced his commitment to the Alabama Crimson Tide yesterday afternoon. Bulovas cited a “better opportunity” when he decommitted from Tech earlier this week, and it’s hard to argue that playing for Nick Saban in Tuscaloosa isn’t a better option from a football perspective. Best of luck to him in Alabama, but we are lucky to have Brenton King coming to the Flats. As talented as Joseph Bulovas was, I’ll take the guy who truly wants to be here ten times out of ten over the guy biding his time for a better offer.

How anyone in the state of Georgia can continue to root for Jacob Eason after the atrocities he’s committed over the past couple of weeks is truly beyond me. Not only did UGA’s prized gun slinger don a Seahawks jersey while attending Atlanta’s playoff game against Seattle — an understandable mistake given that Eason is from Washington — but he also came to the NFC Championship game wearing a Brett Favre Packers jersey. That is just gross. Someone really needs to give that guy some scissors, first for the jersey selection and then for the hair. He still plays football for the best team in the country, at least.*

*Source: White House book of alternative facts.

In other news, Josh Pastner continues to strengthen his case for Coach of the Year following Tech’s 22-point blowout/upset of No. 6 Florida State at McCamish Pavilion. Josh Okogie and Ben Lammers were nothing short of spectacular in the game, combining for 53 points, 25 rebounds, 9 assists, 2 steals, and 3 blocks for the game. Tech’s defense was positively stifling all night long, but the team’s first-half effort on that side of the ball was an absolutely elite performance — Tech held the Seminoles to 15 points on 17% shooting in the first 20 minutes. For those of you keeping track at home, Florida State’s starters combined for 2 points in that entire half as the team hit 9% from three.

The win moves Georgia Tech to 4-4 in the ACC and 12-8 overall with two wins over top-10 programs. It has been half a season and Josh Pastner has already taken this program to new heights. Take a bow, coach.