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Technical Tidbits 1/11: Hell freezes over in the land of Finebaum, ACC claims CFB throne


NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Clemson vs Alabama Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, Clemson won a pretty important game a couple of nights back. On the back of Deshaun Watson the Tigers rolled over Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide, upending the most prominent team in the nation by a final score of 35-31 in Tampa. At this point, we may as well leave the narrative that Dabo Swinney is nothing more than a product of his assistants in the dust; his gameplan was the only one on earth that could’ve beaten that Alabama team on Monday night, and it worked perfectly. The Tigers ran over 100 plays against the Tide, essentially winning a war of exhaustion by going right at one of Nick Saban’s stingiest defenses for the entire game. The win completed the coronation of the ACC as college football’s dominant conference, and there’s absolutely nothing anyone can say about it anymore.

By the way, Clemson went for 511 yards of offense against the most talented college defense on earth but just 442 against Tech earlier this season. If my math is correct, Ted Roof wants Bama.

Georgia Tech was nearly rewarded with a top-25 finish following their victory over Kentucky in the TaxSlayer Bowl, but fell just a couple of slots shy in the season’s final AP Poll. The Jackets came in just behind Kansas State and San Diego State as far as votes are concerned, but a nine-win campaign was just not quite enough for the assorted media members to put the Jackets in the top-25. If you need evidence that SEC bias is on life support, look no further than the fact that Auburn is still ranked No. 24 despite an 8-5 season and a blowout in the Sugar Bowl. They had no business even playing in that bowl and certainly have no business in the top-25 after another pitiful season.

Someone must have poisoned Paul Finebaum, because he went on record yesterday saying that the ACC is the best conference in all of college football on national television. This man makes a living appeasing SEC fans and simply couldn't find a way to spin it so that his conference looks any better. If you’re ever in an argument with someone about the premiere teams in the country, just show them this video.

Those Russian hackers must have something really compromising on Mr. Finebaum. We should’ve known whose side they would join, especially given that “Dabo” translates to “killer of dynasties” in Russian.