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Technical Tidbits 9/7: A look at football news from across the pond, Aguayo's big day

A look at some Irish coverage of week one's Georgia Tech action.

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

For a unique perspective on Georgia Tech's 17-14 victory against Boston College, take a look at this interesting piece from the Irish Times on what was "controlled chaos" in Dublin. Aside from the fact that the photo caption says that safety A.J. Gray is the one scoring a touchdown and some minor confusion with run vs. pass plays, the article provides a neat view on what the game meant for Ireland and those who attended. Everything from the author's remarks on the salaries of Paul Johnson and Steve Addazio to the average attendance at football games in the United States really emphasizes how huge the college game has continued to become over the years. Hopefully the game in Dublin was as great an experience for the Irish in attendance as it was for the players.

For a Boston vs. Georgia look at the game, take a peak at this Irish article detailing the exploits of the Georgia Yellow Jackets and Boston Eagles during the trip to Dublin. You can't even distinguish this one from an American news outlet, at least in that it refers to Dedrick Mills as a "running back" rather than a B-Back as all non-Tech affiliates are prone to do. They even corrected the error of the previous article, giving Matthew Jordan due credit for his touchdown.

When it comes to getting us gameday footage, there's no one more reliable that GTBob. In fact, he already has the Boston College game up for viewing on his YouTube channel -- check it out below.

GTBob, you do the lord's work. Show yourself in the comments to receive our devout love once again if you feel up to it.

To further emphasize the struggles of the SEC during week one, take a look at this graphic from ESPN detailing how Florida State kicker Ricky Aguayo managed to single-handedly outscore five separate teams.

Did he outscore both Tech and Boston College? Absolutely. But the fact that 18 points was more than five of the "best teams in the country" really seems to indicate that the ever-powerful SEC is experiencing some type of down year. Alabama remains strong, but the rest of the conference looks absolutely beatable at this point. In other Aguayo news, FSU is likely hoping that this one is a better tackler -- or at least less aerodynamic -- than his successor.

Have a great Wednesday!