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Technical Tidbits 9/6: Devine named to Piesman watch list, Jackets lead ACC Coastal

Rejoice! It's the day after Labor Day and Tech has already equaled its ACC wins total from last season!

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You may have heard something about a game being played over the weekend, but if not just know that Georgia Tech is currently both undefeated and leading the ACC Coastal. Yep, that's the type of magic that happens when you grind out a 17-14 victory over Boston College on another continent. The field conditions, as strange and run-stifling as they were, just couldn't hold back Justin Thomas and the Tech offense, which scored 10 unanswered points in the fourth quarter to complete a comeback against the Eagles. Boston College quarterback Patrick "Patty Ice" Towles just couldn't live up to his oddly familiar nickname (hmm...), committing a costly illegal forward pass that forced head coach Steve Addazio to call his final timeout on his team's final drive and resulted in a loss of down. Congratulations to Tech, and be sure to check out the many great pieces that were published here at FTRS in the aftermath of the palpitation-inducing win.

For Paul Johnson, however, the victory was one that his team was lucky to escape with. It's hard to argue with that logic, especially considering how many opportunities the Eagles blew as a result of Steve Addazio's highly conservative play calling. In fact, it's startling to consider how easily Boston College could have won that game. It wouldn't have taken much more than going for it on 4th-and-1 in Tech territory, but Addazio opted for a field goal and watches his kicker shank one instead. It's entirely possible that Tech might've stopped them on that play, but the momentum was clearly in Boston College's favor at that point. It's puzzling, but Johnson is correct in his assessment.

Perhaps the biggest news from over the weekend is that Georgia Tech offensive lineman Shamire Devine has been named to one of the most prestigious watch lists in the entire world: SB Nation's second annual Piesman Award. Highly sought-after by large men across the nation, the Piesman is awarded each year to the lineman who exhibited the most elegance and grace while doing things that linemen don't typically do. Last year's winner, Southeastern Louisiana's Ashton Henderson, took home the award after scoring an impressive touchdown during the regular season. His reward -- a trip to New York for an actual award ceremony -- was legendary. On top of Devine's nomination, Georgia Tech defensive lineman Kyle Cerge-Henderson also proved himself worthy of the award with his uber-aware interception ("fumble recovery", boo rules) against Boston College. I like our odds, folks.

Have a great Tuesday!