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Georgia Tech vs. Boston College: Halftime Update - Jackets Winning 7-0

NCAA Football: Florida State at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Guys, football is back and it’s been fun so far. Georgia Tech is currently winning 7-0 over the Eagles.

Tech got things started pretty early, with Corey Griffin intercepting Patrick Towles on Boston College’s first drive after a whole bunch of runs that exposed a bit of a hole in Tech’s defense.

From there, the Tech offense got to work, but it was actually the passing game that got us down the field instead of the running game. The big pass that got us downfield into the red zone was a 36-yard shot to Qua Searcy. From there, Matthew Jordan came into the game to take up the title of Touchdown Vulture from Tim Byerly. After a couple of plays, the Jackets ran a bit of a broken play that resulted with Jordan getting the touchdown himself.

Following the touchdown, both teams traded three-and-outs before Boston College set out for a pretty solid drive which finished with a 43-yard field goal attempt that Pat Gamble got a hand on to block it. Unfortunately, Tech couldn’t do a thing about it, going three-and-out on the ensuing drive after Marcus Marshall lost his footing on third down while Justin Thomas was trying to to run for the first down.

In BC’s next drive, they got a big boost from a pass interference call on a deep ball into double coverage. They seemed to move pretty well, but again stalled out on third down, forcing them to punt from inside the 40-yard line. And of course, BC managed to catch it at the 1-yard line.

And from the 1-yard line, Tech can do absolutely nothing but some pretty poor blocking and a three-and-out. Rodwell punted and BC managed to get it up to inside the 35-yard line.

It didn’t do a thing for them, though as Kyle Cerge-Henderson came up bit with the interception/fumble recovery thing. (It was officially scored as a forced fumble by Antonio Simmons and then recovered by Cerge-Henderson; either way, it was a great all-around play with some good pass rush).

Paul Johnson then opted to just run the clock out as he chose to receive the second-half kickoff. It’s been a fun first half, now let’s get a good finish!