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Technical Tidbits 9/29: Key injuries and comments from Paul Johnson

It's all Paul in today's edition.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech may be without a couple of key starters in Shamire Devine and Step Durham plus another solid player in Trey Klock this weekend versus Miami. Devine, far and away Tech's biggest offensive lineman, has been solid albeit a bit inconsistent both this season and really over the course of his college career, having struggled with conditioning for the majority of it. Durham, meanwhile, is a key member of an already quite thin Tech secondary. His presence will be missed greatly if he is in fact out, but the emergence of Lamont Simmons during last week's loss to Clemson provides at least a little bit of light. Or, in Paul Johnson's words regarding Simmons' play last week:

"He did some things."

Hard to argue with that. Maybe he will step up and do some more things this week against another very talented offense.

In other Paul Johnson news, the head man himself will be taking a much more hands-on approach to working with his offensive unit after the pitiful performance against Clemson last Thursday. I mean, that offensive showing was so horrendous that the poor video coordinators had to show the clip of Tech's fourth-down completion against Boston College during a sponsored "pass of the game" promotion on the scoreboard because the team had completed one pass for -3 yards at the end of the third quarter. It's nice that Johnson is taking a hands-on approach this week, but we hear a lot about that after most losses in the context of either the offensive line, the skill position players blocking, or the offense as a whole. It seems like you may need to evaluate your coordinators at some point if the need to go "hands on" with a particular unit keeps coming up.

You can take a look at Johnson's weekly press conference in its entirety below, or read the transcript of the whole thing right here.

In summary: execute and stop missing assignments. That's just about what there is to know about last week's game.