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Technical Tidbits 9/21: Tech prepares for Tiger screen game, hopes to revive "Clemsoning" moniker

Yep, Clemsoning has been dead for far too long.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

For Georgia Tech, tomorrow's big game versus Clemson is the perfect opportunity to prove to the nation that the Jackets are back from a year-long slumber. There's no question about that, as a win would guarantee that Jackets a stop in the top-25 with a perfect 4-0 start to the season. How that win would come about, however, is a bit less clear. The best-case scenario for Tech would be the Tigers coming in already looking ahead to their next game, a matchup with highly-touted Louisville, and reviving the "Clemsoning" moniker once again with a detrimental loss. I find it interesting that most news outlets are choosing to remark on Tech's defense as the strong point of the team, citing the 10.3 points allowed per game figure without really considering the overarching context. It's still entirely possible that the defense could end up being a strength of the team, but I'd like to think that the offense is the most-feared part of Tech's 2016 repertoire at this point.

Clemson's screen game is one of the most terrifying aspects of their offense for Tech fans, especially after what Mercer was able to do to the Jackets on short passes a couple of weeks ago. Though it's true that long passes have been the death of Tech in the past when facing Clemson (I see Sammy Watkins and DeAndre Hopkins running vertical routes when I close my eyes), the screen game really plays to the strengths of their current team. The Jackets are lucky enough to miss wide receiver Hunter Renfrow, the pinnacle of "grit" and "toughness" who is currently dealing with an injury, but still get to deal with Ray-Ray McCloud and a host of other talented Tigers. Simply put, screen passes are evil. They are the reason that the infamous Dr. Bo Wallace was able to break Eli Manning's record for yards in a season at Ole Miss a couple of years back; they just make the most of absurdly athletic wideouts and highly efficient blockers with minimal effort from the quarterback.

If you feel like you need a daily dose of hypothetical scenarios, take a look at this article detailing what would happen in the off-chance that Clemson, Louisville, and Florida State all tied for first in the ACC's Atlantic Division. Everyone should want to see this type of chaos ensue, especially in the microscopic chance that it goes to the final tiebreaker of a random drawing, but it would involve a Tech loss tonight. That's a bad trade-off. If there is a random drawing, however, I demand that Paul Johnson be the master of ceremony. What kind of trashy event would have three possible options and not include the master of the triple option. It would be like a fifty-fifty drawing without Aaron Rodgers.

Have a great Wednesday!