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Technical Tidbits 9/2: What is offense?

I can't even handle the struggles of the Thursday night games.

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The considerable buzz surrounding where exactly fans should go to watch a football game that kicks off at 7:30 in the morning has prompted the AJC to fully lay out all of your best options for an entertaining game-morning experience. If you're all about being immersed in Irish culture in a quasi-sad attempt to live vicariously through the football team, you have numerous options for where to do so tomorrow morning! If not, you still have plenty of options to choose from! If you fall into the ominous third category, one comprised of people who missed their respective flights to Dublin, then I recommend you start swimming as soon as possible. If you see Julian Assange, you've gone too far.

The AJC's Doug Robertson has three keys for Georgia Tech if the Jackets hope to come out with a victory over Boston College. You could almost certainly expand each of the three points and apply them to the whole season, but that doesn't change the fact that they are quite valid against Boston College specifically. The Eagles has an awful offense last season, and the only way to full ensure that it remains awful is to pressure the quarterback. Otherwise, you're giving likely-starter Patrick Towles an easy way to put up points. That won't play against a defense as good as Steve Addazio's.

I'll leave you with a look back at the first big football day of the season. There was not a whole lot of offense played, but a couple of the outcomes were nothing short of hilarious. Of course, one such game game from the ACC. Can you guess who might've played in it?

  • If you guessed Wake Forest, you're correct! They picked up win number one of the season last night, defeating the Tulane Green Wave by a final score of 7-3 in Winston-Salem. In related news, the waiting list to see an optometrist is now six years long.
  • Tennessee, meanwhile, provided the night's comic relief. Ranked within the top-10 at the moment, the SEC East favorite Volunteers needed overtime to defeat Appalachian State by a final score of 20-13. It's still early, but it's almost like preseason rankings don't matter or something. Strange.
  • In other news pertaining to perennially disappointing SEC teams, South Carolina and Vanderbilt battled it out in Nashville to the tune of a 13-10 Gamecocks victory. What else is there to say about that game? I like to think of it as the MTV Music Awards in that you only tune in to see people pretending to be good at what they're doing in front of an audience that would rather be watching quite literally anything else.
Have a great weekend!