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Opponent Q&A: Boston College

BC Interruption answers our questions

NCAA Football: ACC Football Kickoff Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Over the course of the season, we’ll be interviewing writers from our opponent’s blogs to get an inside scoop of their teams. Naturally, we’re starting off with the lovely folks at BC Interruption. BCHysteria answers our questions below, and you can find my response to his questions here.

FTRS: What's your overall feeling/opinion about Steve Addazio? Do you feel like he has the program headed in the right direction despite being winless in conference play last year?

BCH: I need another season of Steve Addazio to really formulate my opinion on the coach. His first two years I was a big fan, he came in here when Frank Spaziani left the cupboards bare and got us to two bowl games, helped us battle Clemson and FSU and beat a top 10 team. But then last year happened. The offense was miserable, which I blame him to an extent, but what bothered me more were some of the game decisions. Rotating QB's almost at random, the play calling at the end of that horrible Wake Forest game, he just seemed like a different coach. But you know what, I'll give him a pass last year, as long as he fixed those issues this year. However, if BC goes out, loses games they should win, and he continues to struggle with clock management etc, I'll be in the anti camp by the end of the season.

FTRS: It's no secret BC's defense was stellar last season - do you expect more of the same, despite the players you lost to graduation and the loss of Don Brown to Michigan? What players do you expect to step up?

BCH: BC is stacked again on defense. They lost Steven Daniels (LB), Justin Simmons (S) and Connor Wujciak (NT) to the draft, along with Brown, but I think this year the Eagles will be elite again. Linebacker Matt Milano is a playmaker, lightning quick, and will be disruptive against the option. Defensive end Harold Landry is one of BC's highest rated recruits in the past decade, and he could be a first round NFL draft pick by the end of this year. And don't sleep on the secondary, probably the quickest BC has ever had. They are loaded with John Johnson, Gabe McClary and Kamrin Moore all veterans in the backfield.

FTRS: Is there hope for the Eagles' offense this season? Who are players we should be on the lookout for?

BCH: Yes there is hope. BC made a number of moves this off season to address the offense. First, they went out and got Scot Loeffler from Virginia Tech to be the offensive coordinator. While many in the ACC aren't big fans of Scot, he's a major upgrade over Todd Fitch, who seemed completely overwhelmed as OC in 2015. Loeffler's strength is his ability to work with QB's, which brings up my second point, graduate transfer QB Patrick Towles. Towles struggled at Kentucky, but they had little to no line, and their skill players were ineffective. I think Addazio's offense will allow Towles to do more, like tuck and run which he has done a great deal during summer scrimmages. The offensive line is also improved, they brought in grad transfer Jimmy Lowrery from Eastern Illinois for some veteran leadership, Aaron Monteiro dropped some much needed weight, while Chris Lindstrom added some. If the line sures up, look for running back Jonathan Hilliman, back from season injury surgery. He's a beast, and BC's offense needs him, so he should add a much needed spark.

FTRS: With the huge Irish population of Boston, BC seems perfectly suited for this game in Ireland - any idea how much of your fanbase is traveling for the game? I know Tech will be putting a decent amount of white and gold in the stands, but I'm assuming we'll be outnumbered by the Eagles' faithful in Dublin.

BCH: I know a ton of fans are going (I can not because of work). Many are on their way right now.

FTRS: What is your season prediction for BC? Will they reach a bowl?

BCH: I believe they will. They have a cupcake out of conference schedule (Buffalo, UMass, UConn & Wagner), and I think BC will pull off at least two wins against the ACC. I'm looking at 7-5 as a probable end of the season record for the Eagles.

FTRS: And then finally, what is your prediction for the outcome of the game?

I think this is going to be a tight one, but I think BC's defense may control the game. I expect a low scoring game, BC winning 17-14.

Thanks again to BCHysteria for answering our questions. For further insights, check out their blog or give him a follow on twitter under the same handle.