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For Georgia Tech, 2016 is a Redemption Story

After a long offseason, it's time for this team to prove that 2015 was a fluke.

NCAA Football: Orange Bowl-Mississippi State vs Georgia Tech Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Countdown to Kickoff: ONE. LAST. DAY.

As the seconds ticked down before the clock could strike midnight on December 31, 2014, Georgia Tech fans were in full-on celebration mode after watching their team punctuate its 11-3 season with a huge Orange Bowl win over Mississippi State. It was one of the best seasons in recent memory on the Flats, and largely thanks to the team’s dynamic sophomore quarterback who had two more years of leading the team ahead. The calendar turned to 2015, and Yellow Jacket fans everywhere entered the new year with a renewed excitement and loyalty to their team and their coach. Through the offseason, we talked a big game and showed confidence in the team heading into its encore season, hoping that their newfound success would carry into subsequent campaigns.

It didn’t.

Early and often in the 2015 season, Georgia Tech suffered through injuries, bad bounces, tough opponents, and seemingly endless frustration. They were beaten, battered, bruised, bloodied, and baffled. Disappointment abounded, both in the locker room and among the fans. In less than 11 months, the team went from the doorstep of the sport’s peak, all the way to utter physical and mental destruction.

The mountainous levels of disappointment during the season meant Georgia Tech’s team had every reason to quit — to take their ball and go home, and say “forget it”.

They didn’t.

On the contrary, actually. Instead of closing up and wallowing in their disappointment, Georgia Tech’s players doubled down this offseason. They took the results from last year personally, in working out and other preparations for this season. They held each other accountable in workouts and collectively lost a bunch of bad weight. They enter 2016 faster and stronger than they were a year ago.

They enter the season meaner than a year ago as well, playing with a chip on their shoulders as they have an opportunity to prove that 2015 was the fluke — not 2014. They share a renewed sense of focus, dedication, and leadership.

These guys are ready to kick some ass.

Starting now, the past is the past for Georgia Tech fans. 2015 is over and gone, and so is 2014. Tomorrow morning in Dublin, the team gets its first opportunity at redemption after all the pain and suffering it saw and felt last year. Any worry or anxiety about this season? Forget it. This team is coming to play each week with a point to prove, and could very well turn 2016 into a very special season.

2016 is an opportunity at redemption for Georgia Tech, and you'd better believe they're going to seize it. The offseason is over, and it's time to get this thing started.

Are you ready?