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Sunday Morning Football Review

Come see how the ACC performed on cupcake Saturday

If you’re anything like my friends, instead of watching football at night, you joined a game of spades and continued to claim that you knew how to play despite it being increasingly obvious that your grasp on the rules was light and your grasp on strategy non-existent. Then you kept talking about how you knew Virginia Tech was going to win long after the Hokies had lost their lead. If you’re anything like my friends, I’m here to catch you up.

General College Football

Not a big week for college football, in fact it was one of the worst weekly schedules in years, but there were still a handful of good games and a bunch of close calls on upsets. After a strong week by the SEC, led by Tennessee over VT and Arkansas over TCU, the Big 12 has taken over the mantle as the laughingstock conference. There was TCU’s loss in double overtime to an Arkansas team that eked out a win against Louisiana Tech last week, and it gets worse from there. Iowa State was taken to the woodshed by Iowa and Kansas fell to Ohio (not State). Texas Tech gave up 68 points to Arizona State and let Kalen Ballage run for 8 touchdowns. And of course, Oklahoma State lost on a crazy last second hail mary that never should have happened to Central Michigan. Not a good week for the Big 12. In other news, Northwestern proved its loss to Western Michigan last week was no fluke by falling to Illinois State. They are now the 4th Power 5 team to lose to an FCS school this season.

Out of Conference Opponents

Vanderbilt 47-MTSU 24

Vanderbilt handled MTSU pretty easily in a game that was full of storm delays. Next week they come to the Flats to take on the Yellow Jackets.

Georgia Southern 24-South Alabama 9

Georgia Southern won their first conference game by beating South Alabama which is basically like beating an SEC school. They gotten off to a very strong start to their season and will almost certainly not be an easy out when we play them.

Georgia 26-Nicholls State 24

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yes, Georgia barely escaped Nicholls State. Yes, Georgia’s vaunted offense was only able to put up 20 points on Nicholls State. Yes, Nick Chubb only had 80 yards on 20 carries against Nicholls State. Yes, Jacob Eason went only 11-20 with an interception against Nicholls State. Just imagine if they had played Dime State!

ACC vs. Cupcakes

The ACC only had a handful of teams feasting on cupcakes other than GT. FSU beat a Charleston Southern team that had suspended like 30 scholarship players 52-8. Miami had no trouble with Florida Atlantic 38-10. BC’s defense looked solid in a 26-7 win over UMass. I’ll cover Clemson later because of their close call.

ACC Atlantic

Louisville 62-Syracuse 28

Is there any room left on the Lamar Jackson hype train? I’m uhhhhh... I’m asking for a friend. Lamar Jackson ripped apart the Syracuse defense both on the ground and in the air. He looked impossible to bring down. His hurdle for a touchdown was a highlight in a game full of highlight moments. Their game against FSU next week will probably give us the favorite to win the ACC. Syracuse looked pretty good for a team that lost by 34. Maybe Dino Babers has them headed in the right direction.

NC State 30-ECU 33

Since September 19, 2013 NC State has been 6-18 against the ACC while ECU has been 6-0. Take that as you will. The Wolfpack had a chance to win the game late, but some god awful time management led to the clock running out before they had a chance to even attempt a tying field goal. The Pirates are certainly a tough team, but this loss moves NC State’s expectations more towards the Wake/BC/Syracuse side of the Atlantic.

Clemson 30-Troy 24

Wow. Where on earth is Clemson’s offense? And defense? Did they really just almost lose to Troy? I thought for sure the Jackets would lose to Clemson, but the Tigers have started off the season looking very sluggish. While the Tigers never really looked like they were going to lose, their inability to put Troy away should be concerning.

ACC Coastal

Pitt 42-Penn State 39

Pitt’s vaunted defense didn’t look too impressive, but their offense that had many worried saved the day against their in state rivals. Pitt got out to an early lead, but nearly let Penn State come back to win it at the end. Only an interception with 90 seconds left sealed the deal for the Panthers. This was an exciting game that will hopefully continue to get played. James Conner went for 117 yards and a touchdown as he looks like he’s back in form. Next, Pitt continues their tough OOC schedule at Oklahoma State.

Wake Forest 24-Duke 14

Many people had picked Wake Forest to go winless in the ACC this year, but they are now tied for first in the Atlantic after handling Duke in their first conference game. Duke got outrushed 239-37 to a team that only put up 175 total yards against Tulane. Duke QB Daniel Jones had a solid stat line, but only putting up two touchdowns on Wake is just not enough. Duke may be fighting with Virginia for the bottom of the Coastal. Duke is heading to Northwestern to take on a team that has now lost to Western Michigan and Illinois State.

Virginia 26-Oregon 44

Considering the embarrassment last week, Virginia is probably pretty happy with the 18 point loss. There is a lot of questions about how good Oregon is going to end up being this year, but regardless this is an OK result for the Cavaliers. Virginia looked sloppy with several dumb mistakes and had trouble keeping up with the Duck’s pace. They got gashed for 628 yards. Their defense looks like it couldn’t stop my intramural team. Next, they have a winnable game as they welcome the UConn Huskies.

UNC 48-Illinois 23

The Tar Heels bounced back from their opening week loss to take down Lovie Smith’s Illini on the road. Mitch Trubisky looked solid, although he did get a little lucky when he hit the back of an Illini defensive back and his tight end still caught the ball. Elijah Hood looked good again, going for 88 yards on just 15 carries. Why they don’t run the ball more when they’re so effective at it is a mystery to me. Next week they get their cupcake against James Madison.

Virginia Tech 24-Tennessee 45

Virginia Tech opened up the largest college football game in history with two quick scores and it looked like they would easily pull of the upset over the Volunteers. Then they fumbled. And fumbled again. And fumbled again. And fumbled again. And fumbled again. They lost five fumbles which resulted in three Tennessee touchdowns. This was an entirely winnable game for the Hokies, but they blew it by not hanging onto the football. Jerod Evans looked decent at quarterback, but they were most effective when they were running the football. Next, the Hokies start ACC play against Boston College.

What were your thoughts on this weekend?