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Technical Tidbits 9/1: Green emerges as standout A-Back, Addazio refuses to name starter

Could J.J. Green be the spark plug for the 2016 offense?

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Always looking for the upper hand, Boston College head coach Steve Addazio has attempted to throw a wrench in Paul Johnson's preparation for this weekend's game by refusing to announce a starting quarterback. The competition for the start has been narrowed down to Kentucky transfer Patrick Towles, who has amassed over 5,000 yards in his career, or the incumbent(ish) Darius Wade, who missed most of last season due to injury. I know virtually nothing about Wade, but Towles is a pretty good quarterback with plenty of experience running an offense. Most sources expect him to get the start over the unestablished Wade, but Addazio could very well decide to go the obnoxious route and pull his wild card. The moral of the story? Just tell us who's going to start your games.

Everything appears to be moving along quite well as we inch closer and closer to kickoff versus Boston College, but there has been one small misstep courtesy of an Irish apparel producer: printing shirts featuring "Georgia vs. Boston" across the front. That would be excellent, except for the small issue that a) Georgia is not playing in the game and b) Boston University hasn't fielded a football team since 1997.

It may have been accidental, but it certainly appears that branding is the reason for the inconsistency. Who could blame them? There's just no need to go through the hassle of securing copyright privileges when your target market is a combination of Irish natives who don't know or care about the different and the occasional fan from the United States who would buy the shirt as a novelty. I mean, I'd buy it if I saw it just for the irony.

One of the biggest breakout candidates for this 2016 season very well could be A-Back J.J. Greenthe transfer from Georgia who was forced to sit out last season to satisfy NCAA regulations. Green, a former running back and safety in Athens, made the pragmatic choice to transfer to Tech following the emergence of Nick Chubb and others in the UGA backfield. He has all of the necessary tools to be a standout during the 2016 season and proved as much during the offseason, which saw him rise to the top of the depth chart. Had I been more responsible and less busy this week, my bold predictions list would've featured him as the team's leading rusher. I'm truly excited to see what J.J. Green can do.

Have a great Thursday!