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Technical Tidbits 8/9: Tech finds replacement for Gaudin, Johnson voices displeasure with state of program

Georgia Tech has found the new Voice of the Jackets.

Michael Chang/Getty Images

Just months after former Tech broadcaster Brandon Gaudin departed from the Flats in favor of greener pastures with EA Sports and the B1G Network, the new voice of the Institute has been found: it's former South Carolina announcer Andy Demetra. Originally a Syracuse graduate, Demetra started working in Columbia as the primary announcer for Gamecocks women's basketball way back in 2003. He was promoted in 2006 to his most recent position, calling the basketball and baseball games for the school, and served that role for the past decade prior to his hiring at Tech. Selected from a pool of over 60 candidates, Demetra certainly appears to be an excellent hire for Tech; just listen to his call of South Carolina's College World Series victory back in 2010:

Hopefully we'll get to hear that level of excitement some time in the very near future, ideally in the same context. Congratulations to Andy on landing the job and to Tech's brass for a successful search!

In some more somber news, Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson recently expressed his discontent with the state of Georgia Tech's staff, facilities, and other amenities just a month out from the start of the 2016 football season. Despite recent efforts to spruce up various parts of the Tech athletic department, the football program has remained relatively untouched. The team's indoor practice facility is likely still among the nicest in the conference, but everything else does seem to be lagging behind -- and if there's any one person who would know what needs to be done to help with both recruiting and the general state of the program, it's probably your coach of eight years. I'm not sure that we'll see action taken very promptly, but perhaps getting the word out is the correct first step for Johnson and his staff. In the meantime, there does seem to be a bit of a disconnect between Johnson and Mike Bobinski:

Bobinski also said that Johnson has not made a "strong indication to us that he would like more (staff)."

I doubt that it's anything to read into, but Johnson clearly indicated that the staff is something that Tech is behind in. Maybe he hasn't expressed that to Bobinski, but it seems like that would be the logical first step before announcing his frustrations to the media.

I don't know why someone allowed Charles Barkley to interview Nick Saban. Similarly, I don't understand why the interview is so interesting, but it just... is. Though Barkley does go from grilling to race and discipline in about a second, the whole correspondence was pretty fun to watch. Saban may need to spend some time working on his punchlines, but I guess he doesn't get paid to be funny. Yep, that big paycheck is his due to his humanitarian efforts and strong desire to help his players succeed with strict internal punishments and "lessons" that have historically made such a big difference. You know what they say in the SEC: character first, winning second.

Have a great Tuesday!