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Football Media Day: OL Chris Griffin’s Playing Career is Over

Georgia Tech’s offensive line has officially thinned down, after months of speculation.

Georgia Tech v Miami

Prior to Fan Day today, Georgia Tech hosted several members of local media for a Q&A session with a number of returning Yellow Jackets, punctuated by a pre-season press conference with Coach Johnson himself. FTRS did not have anyone on-site, but the press conferences were made available online. Coach Johnson answered questions from the media (with varying levels of candidness) for around 35 minutes, and you can view the whole event here (with Coach Johnson’s responses beginning around the 1:25:00 mark).

One of the things that stands out from his comments is the revelation that Chris Griffin will not, in fact, return from his knee injury suffered over 18 months ago. Instead, Griffin will be granted a medical hardship by the NCAA, meaning his playing days are over. You may remember that Griffin, originally a member of Georgia Tech’s 2013 signing class, tore his ACL playing basketball in the wake of the 2014 season, and missed the 2015 season as a result. His recovery involved setbacks, which ultimately led to today’s announcement. Griffin becomes the second offensive lineman to be medically disqualified since fall camp began on Thursday, joining Jake Whitley, who was set to be a redshirt sophomore this fall.

The announcement is a big blow to the Yellow Jackets’ offensive line, where Griffin would’ve figured to be one of its starters at OT (as would have been the case in 2015). Instead, the starters figure to be redshirt sophomore Trey Klock and former-TCU transfer and redshirt juior Eason Fromayan, with redshirt sophomore Jake Sticker as the primary backup to that tandem. With Will Bryan, Freddie Burden, and Shamire Devine in between them, the tackles figure to be the shakiest group of the entire offensive line.

Griffin’s disqualification also counts as yet another blow against the 2013 recruiting class, which was arguably the recruiting low point of Paul Johnson’s tenure at Georgia Tech. For those unaware, here’s where things stand regarding that recruiting class:

Name Position Hometown Ht Wt Rivals 247Sports Composite Committed Status
Paul Davis DB Cairo, GA 5'10" 200 2-star (5.2) 2-star (0.7811) 2/3/2013 Starter
Ricky Jeune WR Montvale, NJ 6'3" 205 3-star (5.6) 3-star (0.8443) 1/13/2013 Starter
Harrison Butker K Atlanta, GA 6'3" 170 3-star (5.5) 3-star (0.8354) 6/16/2012 Starter
Shamire DeVine OL East Point, GA 6'6" 360 3-star (5.7) 4-star (0.9077) 5/17/2012 Starter
Corey Griffin DB Tyrone, GA 6'2" 195 2-star (5.4) 2-star (0.7793) 2/6/2013 Potential Starter
Antonio Messick WR Fayetteville, GA 6'3" 185 2-star (5.4) 3-star (0.8035) 7/15/2012 Reserve
Chris Griffin OL Crawfordville, FL 6'6" 265 3-star (5.6) 3-star (0.8352) 6/13/2012 Medical Hardship
Ty Griffin QB Kennesaw, GA 6'0" 190 2-star (5.4) 3-star (0.8056) 1/31/2013 Transferred
Justin Akins DE Jackson, GA 6'5" 235 3-star (5.6) 3-star (0.8246) 6/29/2012 Transferred
Kevin Robbins DE Forestville, MD 6'4" 235 3-star (5.6) 3-star (0.8528) 6/3/2012 Transferred
Donovan Wilson RB Dublin, OH 6'0" 205 3-star (5.6) 3-star (0.8382) 5/16/2012 Transferred
John Marvin DB Fort Walton Beach, FL 6'1" 188 3-star (5.5) 3-star (0.8197) 6/29/2012 Dismissed
Darius Commissiong DT Forestville, MD 6'2" 285 3-star (5.5) 3-star (0.8435) 5/24/2012 Dismissed
Travis Custis RB Hampton, GA 6'0" 205 3-star (5.7) 3-star (0.8585) 4/3/2012 Never enrolled


Georgia Tech’s fall camp resumes on Monday. The good news from here is that there are no other expected medical issues facing the team, so hopefully the 80 players who remain on scholarship can stay healthy through the remainder of camp and this season.