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Technical Tidbits 8/4: Tech named 26th-best program over past 80 years, Uganda causes UGA fans egoistical discomfort

Another finish just outside the top-25 for the Jackets.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Though success eluded the Jackets last season, the same can't be said for the program as a whole since the AP Poll's introduction back in 1936 -- Tech is ranked as the 26th-best program overall since that time. The list of the top 100 programs since the poll's creation, made in honor of its 80th anniversary this year, features the Jackets just behind Iowa and just ahead of Colorado. First prize went to Ohio State, owners of 105 weeks as the No. 1 team over the past 80 years, with Oklahoma, Notre Dame, and Alabama following closely behind. The lowest finisher of all Power Five schools was Vanderbilt, coming in at 89th. That's a great place not to be as an SEC school.

Though Tech's upcoming matchup with Boston College in Ireland has been nothing out of the ordinary for the average fan, Georgia Tech football operations director Mike Huff has had a much more tiring experience while preparing for the trip. Everything from ample space in the locker room to the correct type of bacon has been absolutely paramount for Huff, who made a trip to the venue a while back to see how everything was shaping up. I don't guess I ever considered the logistics of flying over 100 players and staff members plus countless cases of gear across an entire ocean. It's evidently much harder than it sounds, and it doesn't sound easy at all in the first place. Kudos to Mike Huff on a job well done to this point. Now all that's left is to win the game.

There is a vast array of things, ranging from spelling to laws, that those casual UGA fans just can't seem to understand. We can now evidently add geography to that list, as a slew of cyber-dwags were recently stumped when the Ugandan flag appeared by the #UGA tag on Twitter in advance of the Olympics. It sure is hard to fathom that a country of 37.6 million people exists, much less that it would be so malicious as to steal a Twitter hashtag. Shame on you, Uganda. The UGA faithful are right to demand their letters back. And in case you were wondering, it's all Richt's fault anyway.

I also like the last guy, who so astutely pointed out that UGA and Uganda have the same number of national titles over the last 36 years. Call me when that changes and we can talk about removing the Ugandan flag from the hashtag.

Before you go, be sure to give a listen to episode four of Joey's newly-launched ACC Football podcast, aptly named Basketball Conference. This week's focus is on FSU, Clemson, and Mark Richt's Miami squad among other happenings in the realm of college football.