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Technical Tidbits 8/31: Calvin Johnson joins Dancing With the Stars, Tech releases week one depth chart

A familiar face will be making an appearance on ABC's 'Dancing With the Stars'.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The big news from Monday evening was the official announcement of the 2016 football depth chart for Tech's upcoming game against Boston College, which features some very interesting decisions at a number of key positions. Freshman defensive tackle Brandon Adams is not listed on the two-deep, though it remains possible that he could be a contributor during his inaugural season of football. The offensive line, meanwhile, appears to be quite solid; there's a nice combination of veteran experience (Freddie Burden) and high-upside youth (Klock, Bryan, etc.) to make it a dynamic unit this time around. I'm also hoping that Shamire Devine will finally reach his absurd ceiling and prove himself to be in good enough shape to start all season long. If he and his fellow linemen step up, this year's run-game should be much better than last year's.

There may be some hidden incentive for Boston College to be playing this weekend's game in Ireland as a home game, but it certainly seems like it may be more trouble than it's worth from a distance. On top of the fact that the Eagles will be playing one fewer game at their true home venue, you have to consider that they are responsible for transporting everything from replay material to other heavy gameday necessities all the way across the Atlantic. I may be wrong to be skeptical, but the whole "having working replay" thing seems like a longshot. I just have a feeling that something or other will come up and send us back into the dark ages of having to rely on referees to actually do their job correctly the first time.

For former Georgia Tech wide receiver Calvin Johnson, who announced his retirement from the NFL following the conclusion of the 2015 season, already has his next great gig lined up: an appearance on Dancing With the Stars. Unfortunately for Megatron, very few of his former teammates see him as much of dancer. In fact, the overwhelming majority remarked on the All-Pro wideout's overall stiffness, an ironic comment to make about one of the most athletic players in NFL history. In the words of Detroit running back Ameer Abdullah:

Pray for him. I know he's stiff. Good God he's stiff. Whew. It's not good news

It's worth noting that NFL wide receivers have a history of dominating on the hit ABC show, with both former Steeler Hines Ward and former Raven Jacoby Jones having turned in excellent performances a few years back. Among the other contestants this season will be singer (?) Amber Rose and, of course, Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. I wish I could fault the network for inviting Lochte, but it just makes too much sense.

Have a great Wednesday!