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FTRS Podcast: Week 1 Questions

It’s officially here — the official FTRS Podcast. Come be a part of it.


Last season, a few of the writers here at FTRS experimented with a video chat each week where we went over Georgia Tech football by offering input and answering some questions. We decided the idea was flawed and jinxed due to the rough year that it was.

Now, regardless of outcome, we’ll be starting up the official FTRS Podcast. I’ll be hosting it each week and posting it on Wednesday mornings for your listening pleasure. While many of the writers here will be a part of the show at some point, Kieffer will likely be a weekly co-host and Joey will join on after his lavish trip to Europe.

Now, here’s where the readers come in. I’m sure most of you don’t want to hear us ramble on for an hour about random topics and no direction. Each week, I’ll be posting on Monday to ask for everyone’s questions for the upcoming podcast. This isn’t limited to, “what do you think the score will be on Saturday?” Is there a certain scheme you’ve spotted in the upcoming opponent’s defense that you want to hear about? Ask about it. Is there some type of cool segment you’d like us to do one week or every week? Let us know about it. This is everyone’s chance to to put their imprint on what we want to consider the community’s official podcast. Don’t fancy yourself as much of a writer but think you have a nice voice? Ask to be a guest.

So here comes the opener. Leave your questions and comments below and we’ll do our best to get around to the interesting ones. Happy football season, folks.