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ROLL CALL: Georgia Tech Fans Headed to Ireland

Headed to Ireland to watch Georgia Tech take on Boston College? Got plans for watching at 7:30am somewhere? Come tell us about it.

Together We Swarm Ireland Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Countdown to Kickoff: 5 DAYS

At the time that this article is posted, we’ll be exactly 5 days away from toe meeting leather, as Georgia Tech opens its 2016 football season against Boston College. The game kicks off at Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Ireland at 12:30pm local time — or 7:30am ET. The game presents multiple unique opportunities, between the international vacation for many of Georgia Tech’s fans, the team playing its first international game in school history, and the challenges associated with fans back home trying to feel right watching a football game first thing in the morning.

With many of Georgia Tech’s fans heading out over the next couple of days (and plenty already there), let’s talk now about your plans for this game. Going to the game, and trying to meet up with folks in Dublin? Found a place in Atlanta (or otherwise) open for watching the game and refreshments at 7:30am? Let’s talk about it in the comments here.

It’s almost time, Yellow Jacket fans.