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Technical Tidbits 8/25: Tech double-dips on Swillings, Johnson begins fine-tuning process for Boston College game

This whole Swilling connection is turning out quite decently for Georgia Tech.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Just one day after picking up a huge commitment from defensive back Tre Swilling, the Tech coaching staff found itself in an even better spot than it had been in previously -- four-star LB/RB Bruce Jordan-Swilling, Tre's brother, also elected to commit. Though both Swillings are unquestionably talented, Bruce has actually gotten more buzz from recruiting outlets across the nation. In fact, he's the first consensus four-star player to commit to Tech in years; his rating of 0.9255 from 247Sports is far and away the highest of the cycle. It has been reported that most schools wanted Bruce to play linebacker at the college level, but he reportedly prefers running back -- an opportunity that Paul Johnson is likely going to award him. Congratulations to both Swillings on their commitment to Tech!

With just over a week remaining before kickoff versus Boston College, the 2016 Georgia Tech football team is beginning the tedious process of polishing up all of the critical skills that will ideally make the season's first game a successful one. As Ken Sugiura points out in his article, week one will start a string of four games in twenty days for a Tech team that likely needs as much time as it can get, especially considering the large amount of turnover at key positions. A game every few days is a fan's dream, but lack of preparation could hurt the outcome if there's not sufficient time to get everything ready. Unfortunately, it is what it is when it comes to schedules. In the words of Paul Johnson himself:

"There’s not much you can do. You’ve just got to play the schedule that’s laid out."

SB Nation's Bill C published his finalized preseason power rankings yesterday, featuring Georgia Tech at No. 42 overall. Tech happens to be the first school in a category that he calls "a decent bowl is the goal", which I assume means that he at least considered putting them in the previous category, named "a couple will play at a top-20 level". Neither tag is particularly inspiring, but it is interesting that members of the national media continue to rank Tech within the top-50 despite a three-win season a year ago and little established talent returning. If there's anything to confide in, it's the fact that Tech almost certainly won't finish at exactly No. 42 overall. That's not a knock on Connelly's predictions, just an acknowledgement of the fact that no one knows what the heck is going to happen in two weeks. The team could go 0-12, 14-0, or anything in between for all we know. Gauging national perception is where the true value in preseason rankings is.

Have a great Thursday!