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Technical Tidbits 8/24: Gaudin passes torch to Demetra, Swilling No. 2 commits to Tech

The end of the Gaudin era at Tech has come, so it’s time to meet his successor.

brandon gaudin Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Tech fans across the country were undoubtedly thrilled yesterday afternoon when four-star cornerback Tre Swilling announced his commitment to Tech, but Tre himself is still waiting on one final factor: the decision of his brother Bruce. For the Swilling brothers, college has always been an opportunity to continue their playing careers together. That’s part of the reason that there’s a bit of optimism in Atlanta surrounding Bruce’s upcoming decision, which is supposed to be announced as early as today; the two have been thought of as a package deal for quite a while. Another interesting inkling about the recruitment of the Swillings is defensive coordinator Ted Roof’s involvement in their lives, which is apparently more substantial than most know. That’s the type of personal connection that Roof has done a great job taking advantage of lately, especially when you recall that his own son, T.D. Roof, is a current commit as well.

UPDATE: It's Tech for Bruce Swilling! He committed just hours after the above paragraph was written, but I'll leave it in tact to still hit on Roof's importance in the process and their strong bond as brothers.

With Philips Arena unavailable for the next two years, the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream will be playing all of their home games at McCamish Pavilion for the next two seasons. The reasons for the unavailability of the home of the Atlanta Hawks remain foggy, but playing at McCamish could very well be beneficial for all parties. On Tech’s side, I assume that an agreement with the WNBA would provide a bit more revenue. It likely won’t be much, but every bit helps when you’re paying three basketball coaches. For the Dream, playing at a McCamish will provide a more intimate setting for games. The team struggles to fill the much larger Philips arena, so perhaps a change in scenery is due.

Former Voice of the Jackets Brandon Gaudin recently sat down for a nice little interview with his successor, Andy Demetra, prior to his departure for a slew of new jobs. You can see the interview, which lasted just three minutes, below:

It’s a bit strange to hear two guys that are so accustomed to doing the interviewing speak with each other like this, but I enjoyed hearing Demetra and Gaudin together nonetheless. It’s a neat way to compare voices and mannerisms, if you’re into that. Otherwise, join me in welcoming Andy Demetra to the Flats.

The latest incident in a recent string of concussion-related situations in the NFL comes to us by way of Tre Mason, the former Auburn star and current running back for the Los Angeles Rams. According to a report from TMZ, Mason’s mother recently told police who were responding to an ATV-related incident in their neighborhood that football had "destroyed" her son, remarking on drastic shifts in his personality that she began noticing at the end of the 2015 season. There’s obviously nothing linking this to concussion-related injuries, but there’s no doubt that Mason’s behavior — even in the public eye — has been strange. He’s been a no-show for L.A.’s camp so far, instead electing to stay at home and rack up strange citations. Hopefully there’s a nice resolution to the problem, but it’s awfully weird so far.

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