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Technical Tidbits 8/22: Tech graduate Lowe performs well in Rio, UGA swimmer realizes he wasn't robbed

Wait, Brazil has video? I thought America was the only place with technology like that.

Kevin D. Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech graduate and Olympic athlete Chaunté Lowe fell just short of bringing home a medal for the United States over the weekend, finishing fourth in the women's high jump behind the representatives of Spain, Bulgaria, and Croatia in that order. Lowe, who still owns the record for the highest jump of 2016 (at 2.01 meters, set at the Olympic trials), was just a brush of her leg away from heading straight to the top of the podium; had she cleared her final 2.00 meter jump, she would've won the gold. Unfortunately, it just wasn't meant to be this time around. Congratulations to Chaunté on competing so well in her fourth Olympic games.

Unfortunately for UGA, their Olympic outcome was even more disappointing; it has nothing to do with medal counts, but rather with an international incident created by Georgia swimmer Gunnar Bentz and his fellow athletes Ryan Lochte and Jack Conger. It probably wouldn't be fair to assign most of the blame to Bentz, but the fact that he allowed his teammate to lie about being held up at gunpoint is pretty embarrassing. For those who are unacquainted with the story, Lochte reported to worldwide media that he'd been robbed after leaving a party at the home of the French delegation. Per his report, the "robber" (later revealed to be a security guard) held a gun up to his head and demanded his valuables. Unfortunately for Lochte, Brazil has this cool technology called "video cameras" that apparently make moving pictures of things as they happen. That's pretty incriminating, especially when you dye your hair blonde for the occasion.

Whoops! That's honestly just a painful interview to watch. The only way it could've been more interesting is if Charles Barkley was doing the questioning. The moral of the story is to never do interviews with Matt Lauer after lying to a foreign government.

When all was said and done, the United States undoubtedly "won" the 2016 Rio Olympics -- the U.S.A claimed 121 total medals, 51 ahead of second-place China. That figure includes 46 gold, 37 silver, and 38 bronze, more of each type than any other country as well.

It's also worth noting that Brazil handled the games much better than anyone thought possible two weeks back. Though the aforementioned swimmer-induced bit of excitement dominated headlines for a few days, it was quickly proven false and peace was restored relatively quickly. The only real issue was with green water, which seems like a win considering how bad the situation was thought to be.