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Technical Tidbits 8/16: Marshall and Jordan vie for backup QB minutes, Speed "more comfortable" with secondary

The backup quarterback picture may not be as clear as we'd like to think.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Tech's starting quarterback has been set in stone for well over two seasons now, but the man playing second fiddle to Justin Thomas promises to change with the wind as we inch closer and closer to kickoff versus Boston College. As it stands, the two main contenders are Matthew Jordan and TaQuon Marshall, a pair of former A-Backs with all of the necessary tools to be successful running Paul Johnson's offense. We saw a little bit of Matthew Jordan last season during short yardage situations and a whole lot of him when Thomas went out with an injury against Miami, but the redshirt sophomore has failed to separate himself from the extremely talented but equally inexperienced Marshall so far. I believe that we'll see Jordan's relative experience land him the backup job and possibly even see Marshall redshirt his sophomore season following his position change, but we won't know for sure until September 3rd at the earliest.

Matt Kuchar may have won his medal already, but that won't stop him from making the most of his time at the Rio Olympics. His latest exploit? Photobombing the most decorated athlete in Olympic history, of course. It's just the logical next step after taking home the bronze in golf.

I'm actually not sure who that guy he photobombed is, but it doesn't look like he has any medals. Maybe Matt can help him improve his golf game, or at least teach him to do something a little bit easier. Maybe swimming, for example. I'm sure the guy would appreciate some pro tips from a true Olympic deity.

The Georgia Tech secondary, meanwhile, is giving coach Joe Speed more and more comfort as we head into the 2016 season. The Jackets lost an absurd amount of talent from the 2015 secondary, including starting cornerbacks Chris Milton and D.J. White as well as starting safety Jamal Golden, but the 2016 crop of newcomers looks promising on paper. Headlined by the likes of sophomore safety A.J. Gray and junior corners Step Durham and Lance Austin, I'd argue that the ceiling of this year's secondary is even higher than that of last season's, though there's admittedly much more risk as well. It's hard to replace the consistent play of guys like White and Golden, but the talent is absolutely there for Gray, Durham, and others to become successful starters for the Jackets. Perhaps even a newcomer like Lamont Simmons or Dorian Walker will have a phenomenal first season, but we just don't know yet. And man, I really can't wait to stop concluding every paragraph with that phrase. Time for football.

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