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Technical Tidbits 8/12: Will Bryan remarks on offensive line play, Peterson names interim AD

There's a new (temporary) sheriff in town.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Though head coach Paul Johnson had previously been one of the few people to publicly address the struggles of the 2015 offensive line unit, we now have a new voice to add to the cry for improved blocking: offensive lineman Will Bryan. Bryan, one of a couple of freshmen offensive linemen that played significant snaps a year ago, emphasized that he and his fellow players are sick of hearing about last year's struggles, instead choosing to focus on improving this season. For that, I give them kudos -- in part because it shows the cohesiveness and maturity of the group and in part because I'm as tired of talking about it as they are of hearing about it. Hopefully the unit can channel that great leadership and turn it into a much more successful season.

Georgia Tech president Bud Peterson has quickly taken the first necessary steps to replace outgoing athletic director Mike Bobinski by naming former Tech administrator Paul Griffin as the interim director and assembling a search team to identify the next Tech AD. As far as the new interim, it seems that Peterson made a very solid choice with Paul Griffin. Formerly an assistant under Dave Braine and Dan Radakovich, he brings more than a decade of experience to the Tech front office, including some time as an interim. Though he almost certainly isn't the future at the position for Tech, his leadership will be invaluable over the coming weeks. The search committee, meanwhile, appears very qualified and able to make a great decision regarding the next athletic director. Among the members is a current Tech student Nathan Rakitt, who currently serves as the head of the student athlete advisory board. His inclusion really speaks volumes about the way Peterson runs the school and likely won't be lost on Tech's student athletes.

I suppose we are now close enough to football season to "responsibly" talk about bowl projections, so why not take a look at this interesting round from CBS Sports. At least this author has Tech in a bowl, though it is the Independence Bowl. The opponent in this scenario would be Arizona, a matchup I'd frankly be thrilled by, but the odds of that happening are, of course, near zero. The projected playoff, meanwhile, features three of the same four teams from a season ago, with Notre Dame replacing Michigan State. That is less entertaining to me, but only because it still features Alabama. Anyone else and I'd be good to go.

Have a great weekend!