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Technical Tidbits 8/11: Roof delivers update on position battles, conference leadership debates scheduling

Tech's defense has experienced a lot of turnover from last season. Who will we see get the start week one?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Tech defensive coordinator Ted Roof, apparently unaffected by the recent turnover in the Tech front office, has brought us a nice update of the various position battles that are currently being waged on his side of the ball. The middle linebacker position is one that I found rather surprising considering how strongly true freshman Brant Mitchell played last season, but it appears that Chase Alford is giving him a run for his money. Sophomore safety A.J. Gray should be plenty of fun to watch -- he was even the recipient of some kind remarks from head coach Paul Johnson, who said he would finish his Tech career among the best to ever play the position on the Flats.

The ACC's various athletic directors are all set to take part in a conference call on Friday morning with the agenda set to full-on football scheduling discussion mode; the conference leaders will soon decide whether to keep the ACC's league schedule at eight games or make the jump to nine. As Daily Press contributor David Teel suggests, the projected outcome of such a vote is thought to be extremely fluid. The last formal vote on the matter, which was held back in 2014, yielded an 8-6 decision in favor of keeping the eight-game schedule, but turnover in various front offices could have shifted that one way or another. I'm sure who -- if anyone -- will be sent by Tech in the place of the recently-departed Mike Bobinski, but the Tech vote could be critical when the time to vote rolls around. The school seemed firmly in favor of an eight-game schedule at last check.

In some different scheduling news, the ACC is reportedly being encouraged to avoid scheduling FCS opponents despite a strong desire from both the conference brass and individual schools to continue the practice of playing "tune up" games against lower-quality teams.

If you're wondering who is likely doing the encouraging in this scenario, rest assured that the answer is probably ESPN. With the upcoming ACC Network having been announced in the past month or so, the sports Goliath has a strong incentive to create as much quality competition as possible to maximize both potential viewership and game-airing opportunities. I view it as a win-win for both fans and the schools themselves because elevated competition will lead to more spending money via ACC Network success and a better overall schedule, but there are certainly arguments to be made in favor of keeping FCS opponents on the schedule.

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