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Technical Tidbits 8/1: Why Danny Hall should be Tech's next football coach

Is Danny Hall better at football-related tasks than Paul Johnson? MY WELL-INFORMED COLUMN:

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

In some baseball recruiting news, coach Danny Hall picked up his sixteenth recruit of the year yesterday in the form of Norcross multi-sport star Baron Radcliff, a highly-regarded outfielder and first baseman. I'm not sure how to feel about this next bit of information, but Radcliff, a highly-rated quarterback prospect, would actually be the second highest-rated player in Tech's 2017 football class had he elected to play football (per 247Sports rankings). He very well could go the DeAndre Smelter route and switch later on, but it's a bit unsettling that Danny Hall is bringing in higher-rated football recruits than our football coach himself. Not that I'm questioning Paul Johnson or his methods, of course. The on-field results speak for themselves in years that aren't 2015. Anyway, here are a few more notes on the state of the baseball class:

  • Tech's 2017 class is currently ranked fifteenth nationally, according to Perfect Game USA. That doesn't figure in Radcliff at the moment.
  • Danny Hall continues to recruit his home state very well. At the moment, each of his sixteen class of 2017 commitments hail from Georgia, and only two are from the same area within the state.
  • As deep as the class is, it still lacks top-flight talent with zero top-100 prospects currently committed. That's probably because the top-ranked UF class alone features nine of them, but it doesn't truly matter considering how many of those players will be drafted next summer.
  • Tech's newly-minted Norcross connection continues to be fruitful. Since 2014, Tech has pulled in seven total recruits from the Gwinnett city across baseball and football.

Georgia Tech recently finalized and released its 2016 slate of non-conference basketball games, featuring a strong schedule for new head coach Josh Pastner's Jackets in what promises to be a tough transition year for the program. It begins relatively easy -- as most college basketball schedules do -- but shoots up in difficulty shortly thereafter with a long stretch versus Tulane, Penn State, Tennessee, VCU, and Georgia heading into ACC play. We obviously have no idea precisely how good or bad the team will be at the moment, but be prepared to approach every game with caution. Tech is currently fielding a mid-major roster at best, so expect some close games that shouldn't be so close.

On a scale of yes to definitely, should we #FirePaulJohnson and pay Danny Hall to be the football and baseball coach?