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Technical Tidbits 7/6: Justin Thomas made a watch list and we learn a whole lot about the option

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In which it is watch list season.

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Cade is out of the office for the next few weeks, so in the meantime, you’re stuck with the rest of us. I’ll try not to screw up too badly.

As it is this time of the year, all of the award watchlists are starting to come out. With those, virtually everyone gets named to one or another. One notable list that features a Tech player is the Maxwell Award List, which is awarded to America’s College Player of the Year. The player Tech has representing them in the list is none other than quarterback Justin Thomas. Thomas is one of 15 representatives from the ACC and one of 33 representatives that play quarterback.

Would you like to know a little bit more about the offense that Georgia Tech runs? Maybe you just want to see what an actual Paul Johnson playbook looks like. Either way, come check out this Reddit post that will give you more detail than you even thought possible for Johnson’s offense. I, for one, was actually shocked at the length of the full playbook.

Next up, we take a look at the progress of former Georgia Tech offensive lineman turned runner Trey Braun. In a recent article by the AJC, we see that Braun’s transition is coming along pretty smoothly (and that he’s getting some other former offensive linemen in on the action). Braun is now down to 255 pounds and his next race is the Atlanta Track Club’s half-marathon on Thanksgiving Day.

You know what’s weird? Georgia Tech didn’t release a post-spring depth chart this year, like most teams normally do. Luckily for us, Kelly Quinlan of Rivals gave it his best shot as he gives us a projected depth chart for the upcoming season. Quinlan’s look is probably one of the more realistic looks that you’re going to see right now (at least until the season is closer to starting). One thing that really disappointed me is the placement of USC transfer Lamont Simmons. He’s listed, essentially, as the last-string cornerback on the depth chart. Personally, I think he’s one of the most talented players we have in the secondary and will be in the starting line-up come September.

What do you think our depth chart will look like this year?