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Georgia Tech Football: 2016 Position Previews - B-back

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Will we have a 1,000-yard rusher here? Probably not.

Countdown to Kickoff: 60 Days

As our 100 Days to Kickoff series continues to tick down, we begin our position previews to provide an in-depth look at who will be on the field for the Yellow Jackets this year. Each position has seen some old faces leave and new ones take their place. This week is all about becoming more familiar with the depth chart and getting an idea of what to expect out of each position group this fall.

2016 Position Previews - B-back

Who’s Gone?

From the B-back position, Georgia Tech only loses one player to graduation: grad transfer Patrick Skov. Skov came in and started immediately for the Jackets and served most of the season as a short-yardage specialist. He finished the season with 93 carries for 377 yards and six touchdowns, which tied with Justin Thomas for the most on the team.

Another player who is "gone," but not really gone is Mikell Lands-Davis, who came to Georgia Tech as a B-back, but moved to A-back in order to get on the field. During the spring, Lands-Davis moved to wide receiver to offset the lack of depth there.

Who’s New?

Though there are only two players being added to the group of B-backs, we should see a lot of new faces in the mix at B-back. Starting with players who are new to the position group, we have incoming freshman Dedrick Mills and redshirt freshman Kirvonte Benson.

Personally, I am a huge fan of both of these guys and the potential they bring to the position. Benson took a redshirt year in order to bulk up for the position. He is now listed at 206 pounds on the official roster. I see him as a similar back to Marcus Marshall, who saw some pretty good success at the position last year.

In Mills, Georgia Tech is getting more of an all-around back. He brings solid speed and power at the position. He also made a good impression during the spring game, drawing praise from Paul Johnson following the game (one of the few from the offense to do so).

In addition to those two, we should also see a few new faces on the field in Quaide Weimerskirch and C.J. Leggett who have both dealt with injuries in their times with Georgia Tech. Leggett, like Mills, is more of an all-around back, whereas Weimerskirch is more like Patrick Skov, in that he is a bulldozer.

Projected Depth Chart

Position Starter Back-up(s)
Speedy B-back Marcus Marshall Kirvonte Benson
Power B-back Quaide Weimerskirch Marcus Allen
Dedrick Mills
Ryan Braswell
All-Around B-back C.J. Leggett Marcus Allen
Dedrick Mills
Kirvonte Benson

What Should be Expected?

Right now, this group of B-backs looks to be a pretty solid group with no clear leader at the position. I think that at least going into the season, Marcus Marshall will be the starter, but I expect we will see more of a B-back by committee approach with three or possibly four B-backs all seeing playing time, as I show in my depth chart above.

In terms of players who are the most likely to see playing time, I think Marshall most certainly will, but after that it could be just about anyone. In my mind, I see Weimerskirch and Leggett being the first two to get playing time right away. Later on in the season, though, I could see Dedrick Mills break into the party and take away either one of those spots as the power guy or the all-around guy. Kirvonte Benson is also more than capable of taking Leggett’s, or even Marshall’s spot.

Overall, we have a very solid group of B-backs; there just isn’t really a standout among them. That means we likely will not see a 1,000-yard rusher from the B-backs this year, something I’m more than okay with as long as we are still getting solid contribution from the whole group.