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Technical Tidbits 7/27: A pair of enigmas - Tech's 2015 season and Glen Rice, Jr.

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The legal troubles of Glen Rice, Jr. continue.

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

When attempting to explain Georgia Tech's 3-win 2015 season, enigmatic just may be the best possible adjective to employ. After all, the 2015 Jackets were an 11-win team that returned a large percentage of its most important contributors from the previous season's Orange Bowl-winning campaign, yet could manage just a single conference victory. Everything from injuries to a strange shift in team dynamic has been used to explain the unexpected decline, but with just a month remaining until kickoff for the 2016 season the best course of action is to look ahead. As the article insinuates, that catastrophe is in the rear-view mirror and will soon take a backseat to a hopefully much more fruitful campaign. That day (September 3rd, in Dublin) is just 38 days, 1 hour, and 30 minutes away. Not that I'm counting.

Thought we are well over a year from his college football debut, it's never too early to get to know new offensive line commitment Zach Quinney. A three-star prospect out of Savannah Christian, Quinney is a member of an ever-growing group of solid offensive line commits for the 2017 football class. It appears that his current status as a Tech commitment may be thanks to five-star heartbreaker Demetris Robertson, a classmate of his who indirectly got him acquainted with the Jackets' coaching staff. It's all about finding the silver linings when a potentially program-changing talent commits to Cal, folks. Quinney is certainly one of those silver linings.

In the world of sports, there are always guys who are top-notch character-wise and guys who just can't seem to get it right. Unfortunately, former Yellow Jacket guard Glen Rice, Jr. once again cemented himself as a member of the latter group when he was arrested for robbery, aggravated battery, and marijuana possession on Monday following his latest run-in with the law. Rice, who was dismissed from Tech's basketball team by then-coach Brian Gregory during his junior year after being tied to a shooting outside a local nightclub, has had numerous legal faux pas both before and after his short stint with the NBA's Washington Wizards. Given second chance after second chance as both a member of society and a basketball player, Rice has simply thrown it all away in favor of pointless delinquency. Maybe this latest incident will be his light-bulb moment.

The ACC may be one of the least-respected conferences in college football, but CBS Sports argues that the league can take refuge in at least one fact: it features the premiere game in all of college football. Though I can name roughly a dozen schools that would like to argue the point, I'm all for calling the annual Florida State vs. Clemson game college football's best. The 2016 installation should only serve to strengthen that point, as a talent-laden FSU will take on last year's runner up in Clemson in what figures to be the series' best game in recent history. Whether it's the best or not will never be determined, but it sure is a fun thing to watch.

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