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Technical Tidbits 7/20: Georgia Tech Adds an Administrator, Big 12 Expansion in Response to ACC TV Network?

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In which everyone’s beefing up in some fashion.

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Day Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech announced on Tuesday that Joeleen Akin, former marketing/operations manager and director of marketing on the Flats, would be returning to the athletic department after 13 years at Agnes Scott. While gone, she spent 12 years as athletics director and physical education chair, before spending the last 17 months as the school’s associate dean for athletics and student activities. Her new position at Georgia Tech will be associate athletics director for student-athlete development and senior woman administrator. Akin brings with her a strong track record of results at Agnes Scott, where she oversaw a great deal of success and development within her department. It’s unclear specifically what her role in the athletics’ department will entail, but it will undoubtedly be a positive having Akin around to support the department’s initiatives and to drive the GTAA forward. Join me in welcoming back Joeleen Akin!

During the offseason, Georgia Tech’s sports teams regularly participate in nutrition sessions, where they learn how to cook and how to properly nourish their bodies to be as healthy as possible. The football team’s last session of the summer was Tuesday night, and focused on a “recovery” theme. These sessions also come with a few pictures that enable us to see the players without the pads on, in more of a relaxed environment. Maybe the most noteworthy item from last night’s photos?

My goodness, what a glorious mane that is. Oh, and runner-up for most interesting tidbit from those photos?


Your daily bit of news from other conference Media Days are once again courtesy of the Big XII, who apparently decided to call an audible mid-Media-Days and re-open themselves to the idea of conference expansion. The catalyst for such an audible? None other than that sweet #goacc action-laden TV network that is reportedly due to be officially announced later this week at the ACC Media Kickoff. So, in reality, if news breaks in the coming weeks or months that Houston/BYU/Cincinnati/Colorado State/etc will be admitted into the Big XII, just know that the ACC is really the one for their fanbases to thank.

Happy hump day!