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Technical Tidbits 7/18: Paul Johnson Among the Nation’s Best Coaches, Bobby Dodd Among the ACC’s Best Stadiums

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In which achievements (and non-achievements) are somewhat surprising.

Clemson v Georgia Tech Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I was mistaken last week — Cade returns next Monday, so in the mean time, you’re stuck with the rest of us.

As he goes through previewing each of the nation’s FBS programs, SB Nation’s Bill Connelly took some time out on Friday to examine and rank the nation’s best coaches since 2005. To do so, each coach (with at least four seasons of head coaching experience in that timeframe) was rated based on actual wins achieved by his teams versus the expected wins for those teams. Many of the coaches at the top and bottom of the list are as expected, with some interesting positioning throughout. At the very top of the list is Navy head coach and Paul Johnson’s former assistant Ken Niumatololo, while Johnson himself falls in the 90th percentile with 0.56 wins per year above his team’s expected totals. While not a perfect assessment or metric, this continues the narrative over the last several years that Johnson’s teams tend to overachieve given their talent levels — which does beg the question of what his teams could achieve with a higher level of recruiting.

Continuing with the theme of using potentially-incomplete metrics to rank traditionally qualitative concepts, SB Nation’s Virginia Tech site Gobbler Country posted an article on Saturday ranking the ACC’s stadiums. Included in the rankings were each stadium’s capacity, and the percentage of seats that get filled for games, on average. Given those metrics, you may be a little surprised to find out that Georgia Tech’s Bobby Dodd Stadium tied for 5th with Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field. At 92.2%, Bobby Dodd Stadium was actually 4th in the conference in average attendance by percentage of seats filled, which helped to make up for its #9 position in terms of capacity. Unsurprisingly, the top 3 were Clemson, Florida State, and Virginia Tech, while the bottom 5 were Miami, Wake Forest, Duke, Syracuse, and Boston College. In reality, the combination of history, location, and design say that Bobby Dodd Stadium does, indeed, belong with some of the best in the conference — not to mention the incredible atmosphere for big-time games over the last several years.

I probably should’ve been fired by the rest of you last week for not mentioning this yet, but...Pokemon Go is a big deal now and I’m sure you’re all playing it extensively. It turns out, though, that you’re not the only ones — it’s penetrated the college football world already, with several programs hosting meet-ups at their stadiums and coaches playing the game (with proof on social media). Maybe the most surprising part of all of this is Georgia Tech’s lack of involvement in this whole craze. A game built on GPS and virtual reality (VR) technology, featuring some one of the most popular video games ever with today’s young professionals and heaviest social media users? I figured that, by now, we’d have seen Paul Johnson in the ring with a Hitmonchan, or Justin Thomas racing a Ponyta or something. Needless to say, the internet needs some of that sweet, sweet #content from Georgia Tech. Might the silence be broken in the near future? Stay tuned.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.