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Yellow Jacket Basketball Adds Grad Transfer Jodan Price from Eastern Michigan

Pastner helps pad the roster for the upcoming season with a 6’7” wing

ACC Basketball Tournament - Clemson v Georgia Tech

Today, Eastern Michigan senior Jodan Price, a 6’7” wing, announced that he would be joining Georgia Tech for the 2016-17 season. He joins a roster that is perilously thin at every position and in need of any D1 level bodies. Price likely won’t be a game changer this season, but he adds much needed depth and flexibility to the roster.

At this late stage in the offseason, there are not a whole lot of options to fill out a roster that still has several open scholarships. This team was in need of a star transfer to provide some offense and star power to the depleted roster. Price is not that star transfer. He has been a backup for the last two years at an Eastern Michigan team that is not very good (last year they ranked 151st in the country by KenPom). For both of the last two seasons he has averaged a little over 15 minutes a game and 4.4 points per game. Last season, he started off strong and was routinely playing over twenty minutes a game in the non-conference schedule. His first conference game he scored 19 points on 7-10 shooting and it looked like Price was going to be a major contributor to the team. Instead, he scored only 16 points the rest of the season and had several games where he didn’t even make it onto the court. That is not an encouraging trend for the Yellow Jackets.

The Yellow Jackets need a boost in offense and it is very doubtful that Price provides that in any way. Last season Price shot just 34.2% from the field, a major improvement over the 27.6% he shot the season prior, but still a level that just will not cut it. He also improved from three point range but still only shot 30% while being more selective in his shooting. Considering the jump up in competition, Price is likely to remain a significant liability on offense.

Price will almost certainly not be looking at the starting lineup, and any play time depends highly on two factors. The first is the development of freshmen Josh Okogie and Christian Matthews. If the freshmen can get up to college speed quickly, then Price will find himself behind them in the lineup. Even if he is slightly better than them, it is likely that Pastner will prioritize giving freshmen the play time they need to develop rather than marginal gains in a year that is almost certainly going nowhere. The second factor is injuries. Georgia Tech currently only has three big men on the roster. An injury to any one of them would open up playing time at power forward for Price. This is a move that underscores the serious issues Tech’s roster has going into this season. Hopefully the Jackets remain injury free and the freshmen develop quickly so Price is only needed sparingly. If he is a big part of the squad this season, then this team is in trouble.

The AJC article about the transfer notes that Tech is also pursuing Western Michigan transfer Kellen McCormick. The 6’8” power forward is a three point specialist, he shot 47.8% from three last season, but more or less only shoots threes. He averaged less than 15 minutes a game for the Broncos last season.