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Technical Tidbits 7/11: Jarrett Jack Returns Home, Josh Pastner Continues Recruiting Aggressively

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In which we see familiar sights everywhere we look.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets v George Washington Colonials Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Cade doesn’t return to the office until next week, so for this week you’re stuck with me. Thanks to all of the guys who filled in last week!

On Sunday evening, former Yellow Jacket PG Jarrett Jack (who was waived by the Brooklyn Nets close to two weeks ago) reportedly agreed to a deal to return to Atlanta, this time as a member of the Hawks. It marks the eighth different stop in Jack’s NBA career, who figures to be a primary backup off the bench to Dennis Schroder. You’ll remember that Jack was the starting point guard on Georgia Tech’s 2004 national runners-up team, and the team’s second-leading scorer behind only B.J. Elder. Although he isn’t originally from the area, he makes his return to his old stomping grounds along with big man Dwight Howard — the Atlanta-native who signed with the Hawks after spending the last few years with the Houston Rockets. The 2016-2017 season sets up to have something of a “Homecoming” theme for the Hawks with Howard and Jack — surely that means the town’s title drought is about to come to an end, right? (Insert laugh track here.)

When Josh Pastner agreed to become the head coach at Georgia Tech a few months back, he came with the billing of being a tireless recruiter who wouldn’t be outworked by anyone. Well, a few months in, that reputation is certainly holding up. It seems like there are multiple tweets per day about new players getting offers from the Yellow Jackets, and Pastner also seems to be regularly spending weekends at tournaments around the region and around the country, along with the likes of Roy Williams, Jim Boeheim, and Rick Pitino. Just this past weekend, he was in attendance at the major AAU Tournament known as the “Peach Jam” near Augusta, visiting with players who already have offers and scouting out more players who may be deserving of them. Of particular note within the linked article (which may require a subscription) is the discussion around Pastner’s seemingly peculiar choice of positioning around the court — on the baseline for one game, and then opposite all of the parents and guests for the next. It’s all about “being seen”, according to the 38-year-old. Whatever works, I suppose.

I’ll leave you today with news that’s hot off of the presses from the Department of Redundancy Department, uga’s rising sophomore DE Jonathan Ledbetter was arrested (again) early Sunday morning for his second alcohol-related charge in under 4 months. Ledbetter was arrested in March for misdemeanor underage possession of alcohol and false identification charges, which were ultimately thrown out in May due to procedural errors by the officers in obtaining his ID. Sunday, Ledbetter was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, and was subsequently charged with underage possession of alcohol. He was suspended for the North Carolina game before the charges were dropped, and there’s yet to be an update on his status ever since. Ledbetter figures to be a starter at defensive end for the bulldogs this fall, so how Kirby Smart handles this (or doesn’t) will tell us a bit about how he plans to instill player discipline (or lack thereof) in Athens. I’m not holding my breath, for what it’s worth.

Oh, and for those keeping score at home: that’s 7 uga football arrests in the last four months, and 8 since Smart took over in January. Also, georgia was already #2 in Fulmer Cup rankings as of the last update about a month ago.

Happy Monday!