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Technical Tidbits 6/9: Brandon Gaudin lands new gig as voice of Madden franchise, Adam Smith talks NBA future

Thank you, Brandon, and best of luck!

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

We some sad but exciting news yesterday when it was announced that Brandon Gaudin, who took over for former Voice of the Jackets Wes Durham just three years ago, will be leaving Georgia Tech to become the new voice of the Madden video game franchise. Gaudin, who will also be a contributor to the B1G Network and Westwood One Sports, was the voice behind two of the most iconic moments in Tech history -- the Kick and the Pick and the Miracle on Techwood Drive -- during his relatively brief tenure on The Flats. We all surely wish that he'd stick around and continue his role as Voice of the Jackets, but there's no arguing that becoming the main voice of a video game played by millions of people is a tremendous next step for his career. I imagine that it would also entail a massive pay increase over what he made here at Tech as well, so congratulations to him.

We even have a response from Paul Johnson, a worthy retort to the departure of his perpetual foil during the Paul Johnson Radio Show.

Poor CPJ will miss him as much as anyone. He probably needed to immerse his phone in rice after writing that tweet. THEY WEREN'T TEARS, IT JUST STARTED RAINING IN HIS HOUSE.

He's just a talented guy. I'm honestly surprised that no one snatched him away from Tech prior to yesterday given how unique his voice is and how fluidly he is able to call games. We just learned of the news yesterday, but there's no way it was all determined yesterday given the in-depth articles and videos that were produced moments after the announcement. The fact that none of it got in the way of his work at Tech is just another testament to how great he is. Speaking of in-depth articles, this one is probably the most interesting one I've come across. It really details how Gaudin and his latest partner, Charles Davis, are starting to change the way the Madden franchise goes about recording commentary for the game. It also has some soundbytes that you probably want to listen to for research purposes. Speaking of things you may want to see, how in the world did this video get down here?

Those darn hackers, always messing with my posts and Roger Goodell's life expectancy.

I'll leave you today with a look at a recent interview that former Tech guard Adam Smith gave up in Boston, where he was working out ahead of the upcoming NBA Draft. Smith, one of the best three-point shooters in all of college basketball, could be one of the most undervalued players in the entire draft. He certainly has the skillset and the ability to turn his game, which some consider one-dimensional, into a well-rounded repertoire. Best of luck to him on draft night.