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Technical Tidbits 6/3: NCAA Regional play underway, Mississippi State goes soft on assault

First pitch between Tech and UConn is set for 1 PM.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

The time has finally come for Georgia Tech to commence regional play with a game this afternoon versus the three seed UConn Huskies down in Gainesville. As we learned yesterday, the true strength of the Huskies is its starting rotation. That point was proven when UConn elected to save its ace for another day, turning to lefty Tim Cate instead for game one. I suppose that's still good news, but Cate rocked a 2.71 ERA this season and has quite honestly been better than any of Tech's starters outside of Brandon Gold. It appears that Zac Ryan will get the start for Tech, meaning that Danny Hall has elected to save Gold for a rainy day. I'm not totally opposed to the idea, but it would be rough to lose game one because of it. We'll see at 1 PM.

When you tangle with the ACC, you usually walk away with an easy win and perhaps an angry Tar Heel fan on your heels. When a Twitter user came at the conference for hosting the ACC Tournament at a minor league stadium, however, both the ACC and the host Durham Bulls drew the line.

That's a good starting place when trying to tear down a Jaguars fan, but I think an adversary as strong as the Durham Bulls can probably do a little bit better.

There we go! Start with the postseason and quickly transition to the issue at hand: the fact that this guy is actually arguing with a minor league team. In his defense, he did own up to his mistake later on. Unfortunately for him, it was still a hilarious exchange. You mess with the Bulls, you get the social media manager.

As if the current Ole Miss scandal wasn't enough of an issue for the state of Mississippi, the formerly benign Mississippi State Bulldogs made news in the worst way possible yesterday when head coach Dan Mullen announced that the school would be admitting five-star recruit Jeffery Simmons just months after his arrest for assault. In Simmons' case, a video was actually leaked showing him beating a woman who was down on the ground, punching her multiple times in the face and head (I counted at least six or seven). His punishment? A one game suspension; he'll miss MSU's opening game against South Alabama. That's honestly as bad as the crime itself because it sets a precedent, one that is clearly neutral when it comes to violently assaulting people in the street. Both Dan Mullen and athletic director Scott Stricklin should be embarrassed and disgusted with themselves. Here's the funniest part:

As for the one-game suspension, Stricklin said it was "highly unique" to issue discipline to an incoming student, but wanted to set an example -- to Simmons and others -- "that these type of actions and poor decisions are not acceptable."

Is this guy for real? At least he assured everyone that there would be consequences for any FUTURE incidents. Jump a lady once, shame on her. Jump a lady twice? Shame on you, son. You might even get a game and a half for that. I'm starting a clown list, complete with every clown in all of college sports, and Mullen, Stricklin, and Simmons are the first appointees.