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Technical Tidbits 6/28: Tech announces 2016 Hall of Fame Class, Megatron returns to school

Calvin Johnson is back in Atlanta, just not for football-related activities.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech announced its 2016 Hall of Fame class yesterday afternoon, revealing that a number of the Institute's most successful athletes -- from Calvin Johnson to Jarrett Jack -- will be immortalized in the coming months. The eight-man class is one of the most accomplished in Tech history, containing worthy representatives from the golf, tennis, basketball, football, baseball, and track teams. Just one inductee, former infielder Michael Sorrow, played at Tech prior to the year 2000, reflecting the overwhelmingly recent nature of the class itself. The newest Tech Hall of Fame members will be honored during the upcoming football game versus Georgia Southern in September.

Speaking of the recently-retired Calvin Johnson, the man known as Megatron will be returning to Atlanta in order to complete his degree in Business Management at Georgia Tech.

Though he isn't playing any longer, having Calvin Johnson around the football program would be one of the best possible decisions for head coach Paul Johnson to make. Given the team's recent struggles to recruit high-level talent from the Atlanta area, having a should-be NFL Hall-of-Famer on hand simply couldn't do any harm. Whether or not Calvin would agree to such a deal remains to be seen, but it's worth a shot.

When it comes to manufactured outrage and controversy, few issues can match the forced nature of the current debate over whether or not alcohol should be served at college sporting events. With everyone from MADD to random 80-year-old men weighing in on the issue, the only thing we know for sure is that someone will be angry for one reason or another. And while I find the argument itself to be on the dumber side, the article above is both very interesting and full of quotes like this:

One CWS official "told me to tell Walter Byers he can shove it up his ass," Neinas recalled. "Byers came back and said, 'If there's beer, there will be no baseball.'"

Neat, right? At least someone is having a good time. In the meantime, however, the NCAA will continue with its pilot program at the College World Series to further test the mind-boggling hypothesis that attendees at sporting events might be willing to spend money on alcoholic beverages. The results may shock you.