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Technical Tidbits 6/16: ESPN releases best and worst case scenarios, Young Jeezy becomes Tech's secret weapon

How do you get five-star recruits to play for Tech? Old rappers, that's how.

Scott Legato/Getty Images

ESPN released its annual best and worst case prediction post a couple of days back, commending Tech for having a ceiling high enough for a New Year's Six game while also recognizing the team's potential for struggling in ACC play yet again. Though there were (wisely) no specific records included in the post, my assumption is that the worst case scenario involves going 3-9 once again, almost certainly a hideous enough finish to justify hot seat status for Johnson. The best case scenario, however, is a berth in a top-tier bowl, which very well could justify another extension. See how this works? Win and be rewarded, lose and prepare for the Facebook takes. That's just about where we are as a program.

I suppose that you could call Georgia Tech starting pitcher Jonathan Hughes something of a trendsetter, or perhaps just a deviant considering that very few others have decided to follow in his footsteps by turning down an MLB team after being drafted within the first ten rounds. Hughes, who was drafted 68th overall by the Orioles in last year's draft, elected to attend Tech rather than take what could've been a payday north of $1 million to head for Baltimore. It's a path that very few high-round draft picks have elected to take under the current CBA, which places a strict and well-defined limit on the time that a team and player can negotiate following his selection. In Hughes' case, whether or not it was the right decision remains to be seen. He was excellent before an injury derailed his season but has the ceiling to become one of the best pitchers of the Danny Hall era if he can remain healthy for the next couple of seasons.

It has been months since Calvin Johnson unceremoniously announced his retirement from the NFL and I'm quite frankly still not over it. Not only does it mean that we have one fewer Tech alumnus to point to as being extremely successful at the next level, but it also means that I'll have to settle for Demaryius Thomas or DeAndre Smelter to fill my fantasy team's Tech quota. It stinks, but it doesn't mean that we can't watch his Tech highlights over and over again when ESPN decides to produce a 6-minute video compilation of his finest moments. On a somewhat related note, it's time to bring back the solid gold uniforms with striped helmets. Use your dying breath to make it happen, Russell.

In real estate news, rapper Young Jeezy recently bought himself a nice house near Tech's campus. I couldn't tell you if Jeezy is a Tech fan or not, but what I can tell you is that he should be on the recruiting trail ASAP. It's not like anyone is buying his albums or anything, so just have him call it quits and get to work for Paul "Fresh Trips" Johnson. Stick him on a recruiting detail with Megatron and begin rolling in the five-stars. Just don't forget to put some respek on his name or you'll get the Birdman treatment.