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Recruiting: Georgia Tech OL Commit Connor Hansen on his long visit to Atlanta, why he committed, and plans for when he arrives

The big lineman saw Georgia Tech for the first time on a Thursday, and committed immediately when offered only a few days later.

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Less than 2 weeks ago, Connor Hansen was offered a scholarship by Georgia Tech and committed on the spot, becoming the second commitment in the class and breaking a streak of nearly 3 months without a commitment. (It would turn out that he began another streak — the Yellow Jackets had 3 more commitments in the week following Hansen’s pledge.) I sat down with him to talk through his recruitment process, his enjoyment of Atlanta, and more!


You came in for a visit on Thursday (June 2) and committed on Sunday (June 5). What was your experience like over those few days?

I came up on Thursday for an unofficial visit and I was able to talk to all of the coaches and see what they’re about. I also got to see the campus, which I really liked! (I had been to Atlanta many times before, but I had never been to Georgia Tech. You would have no idea you were in Atlanta if you’re on that campus.) I really liked the facilities. Everything was just top notch.

What led to my commitment was that Georgia Tech is that perfect balance between great academics and great football playing in the ACC. It’s a great opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. They pulled me aside at camp on Sunday to speak with Coach Johnson in his office. He let me know that they were offering, and I let them know that I was committing. I knew immediately that Georgia Tech was where I wanted to go.

You said in a tweet that you’re going to be shutting down your recruitment. Does that mean you won't be taking visits anywhere else?

There are a few I already have planned this summer that I’ll probably go through with. Otherwise, I don’t expect to be visiting anywhere else.

How much contact did you have with Georgia Tech prior to your visit?

They started reaching out to me during the first week of spring practice. Coach [Andy] McCollum came and saw me at school one day, and told me, “You’re one big kid, and I’ve seen that you can move from your film. We’re going to really get to know you.” He let Coach [Ron] West know about me, and he came down to watch me in our spring game. I talked with Coach West, and we decided that I would go up to Atlanta for camp so that they could evaluate and get a better look at me. Overall, I was probably in contact for only about 3-4 weeks.

What’s the biggest thing that sold you on Georgia Tech?

It really is the balance between academics and football that sold me. It’s the perfect balance of high-level football a great education that will be hugely helpful with finding a job after football.

Your film shows you playing both offense and defense. Did the coaches specify which one they want you to play? Do you have a preference between them?

I don't have a preference on offense or defense, but the coaches want me to play offense. Coach Johnson really likes me as a guard, and everyone seems to think that’s the best fit for me. They have mentioned to me that I could play defense, but right now it’s looking like I’ll be playing offensive guard.

Do you know yet what you’re looking to study in college?

My original plan was to study engineering, but I’m not quite sure.

What’s one thing you want Georgia Tech fans to know about you?

I’m ready to come in and win an ACC Championship!


Thanks again to Connor for taking the time to speak with us, and congratulations again to him and his coaches on the commitment! We look forward to covering him while at Georgia Tech!