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Technical Tidbits 6/10: Tech commit Trammell selected by Reds, SBN's Bud Elliot examines hypocrisy within NFL

Tech's upcoming baseball class took a large hit during last night's MLB Draft.

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Throwback Friday
Throwback Friday
Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

The AJC's Ken Sugiura has a nice list of seven things that you should know about Tech's most recent commit, Buford linebacker TD Roof. Interestingly enough, Roof indicated that his father, who just so happens to be the defensive coordinator at Tech, was not his primary recruiter. That role was possessed by B-Back and QB coach Bryan Cook, a veteran member of the staff. It's fine if a guy decides to enroll in a school because a parent coaches there, but seeing Ted Roof really step back from the process and let his son make a decision is impressive.

Georgia Tech's upcoming draft class took a relatively large hit last night when top prospect Taylor Trammell, a highly-regarded outfielder out of Mount Paran Christian, was selected first in lottery round A by the Cincinnati Reds. I really hate to say it, but the odds of Trammell stepping foot on The Flats are roughly zero at this point. Cincinnati decided to go relatively under slot at No. 2 overall, selecting Tennessee's Nick Senzel, and had the biggest purse of all in the first place, with $13.9 million to spend. That will allow them to pay Trammell, a top-20 prospect, significantly more than the $1.8 million value of his No. 35 draft position. He's as good as gone, becoming the second Tech prospect in two years to be stolen away by the Reds after Cincy took catcher Tyler Stephenson in the first round last season.

In some mildly entertaining MLB Draft news, analyst Harold Reynolds made some very deep and insightful comments during last night's draft action. Many an enlightening quote was spewed, everything from "No booty, no backside!" to "How does it feel, not only to be the first overall pick, but to be taken in the first round?" over the course of the night. My favorite was probably this one:

Oh, Harold. We all know you mean well and are driven by passion, but you have to understand that most people who are 20 are not 21 at that age. We'll work on it.

If you ask SB Nation's Bud Elliot, one benefit of the MLB Draft is that it underscores the glaring hypocrisy of its NFL counterpart. The argument here is that the NFL, which cares so deeply about protecting its players over trivial things such as profit and viewership, is taking advantage of college athletics by forcing athletes to make decisions that they otherwise wouldn't. Why force a guy to go to college when he could go straight to the NFL or at least some sort of minor league equivalent? It's the same with the NBA and the recent players going overseas. Stop micromanaging people under the guise of protecting them and start operating like MLB does. Even a low-round draft pick gets his nice paycheck and a chance to live the dream with the opportunity to go to college no further off than it was when he first graduated high school. Stop being obnoxious, NFL.