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Technical Tidbits 6/1: Buzz Preston offers insight into state of WR unit, Harbaugh calls out Saban for hypocrisy

In which Tech's wideouts coach offers a unique perspective on the individual struggles of his unit.

Garrett Reid-USA TODAY Sports

Wide receivers coach Buzz Preston gave some fantastic insight into what exactly each of Tech's wideouts still needs to work on in advance of the 2016 season, offering a unique insider's perspective in an interview with the AJC. In fact, that's the exact type of feedback that we rarely get to see out of Tech's coaching staff (not to be confused with what I'd consider sheer bluntness from Paul Johnson himself) -- Preston hit on everything from Ricky Jeune's need to improve his hands to Christian Philpott's tumultuous and injury-filled journey to this point. It appears that the team is content to leave former A/B-Back Mikell Lands-Davis at wide receiver in hopes that his athletic ability will allow him to succeed at his third position in just over a year. We obviously don't know what kind of progress he's made at this point, but I hope that the staff is at least entertaining the notion of redshirting him this season if he isn't completely ready. Lands-Davis is too talented to have a season wasted with learning a position while sitting past the two-deep.

We are now just two days away from Tech's regional matchup with UConn, so it's just about time to start familiarizing ourselves with the opponent (particularly potent autoplay video advisory). The Huskies, now 37-23 following an AAC Championship victory, very well could be one of the more underrated teams in the tournament this season. In fact, I'd call the AAC as a whole -- a conference home to the likes of Tulane and ECU among other successful schools -- a relatively underrated conference. That's not to say that the AAC and ACC/SEC are on the same level, just that any talk of facing Florida in game two is ridiculously prematurel; the Jackets will need to give it their all against a UConn team which has thrived on good pitching.

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh made news again yesterday, taking to Twitter to call out Alabama head coach Nick Saban what the former 49er head coach perceived as hypocrisy from the Tuscaloosa legend:

I could just be a sucker for SEC scandals and funny things Jim Harbaugh does, but I do find it interesting that a fellow coach called Saban out on NCAA violations. The fact that the Crimson Tide program is "allegedly" dirty is no secret. I doubt it's just them, but 'Bama does seem to have more nice car pics per capita than any other school on earth. Not that it's any of my business.