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Help Wanted! From the Rumble Seat is looking to add some writers before Football starts

Inquire within.


As football season is drawing upon us, we here at FTRS are looking to grow our staff by adding a couple of new writers. Before I get into the specific job descriptions, let me go over a few of the general qualities, we are looking for in potential writers. An ideal candidate for any of the positions listed below would:

  • have a strong knowledge of Georgia Tech, both present and historical
  • possess strong writing skills
  • have a nose for news, both in knowing what is news-worthy and where to find it
  • be able to write and publish quickly while remaining accurate
  • be a self-starter who can work with minimal direction
  • possess good communication skills
  • is comfortable working in a virtual environment

Here are some more things that would be preferable, but are not required:

  • previous writing experience
  • previous involvement in the FTRS community (i.e. regular commenting, fan posts, etc.)
  • be a current student at Georgia Tech, or local to the Atlanta area

Now let's move on to the official positions available.

Football Staff Writer

Since we are approaching football season, we are looking very hard for football writers. As a staff writer, you would be required to write one to two articles per week. You would be free to submit ideas that you want to write about, and there will also be sign-ups for specific dates/times for articles that you would be required to use.


As a columnist, you would be required to write one opinionated article per week, relating in some form or fashion to Georgia Tech sports that is both relevant and well-backed. In addition to this, you would also be encouraged to help out with other regular articles on the website.

Social Media Manager

As the social media manager, you would be in charge of FTRS' Facebook and Twitter accounts. You would be required to post multiple times daily, along with some other more specific details we can go over if you get the job. Previous experience would be preferred, but is not necessary. For those applying, though, please have some idea of what you would want to do as the social media manager. You will be asked about it.

So how do I apply?

To apply for any of these positions, all you have to do is send an email to to express your interest. In this email, you may include whatever resume, cover letter or published writing samples you have, but those are not necessary whatsoever, nor will it gain you any kind of leeway with us. If you do have published writing samples, you may get asked to send those anyway, though. From there, we will give you the rest of the application process and see where it goes.

Is this a paid gig?

Unfortunately, these positions are not paid, but there is potential for getting paid a (pretty small) stipend in time if we notice you going above and beyond the call to action. It is not anything to expect, however. All of the current members of the staff don't do this for the money; it's because we love Georgia Tech sports, and that's the most important thing we are looking for.

Best of luck to any and all who apply!