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Technical Tidbits 5/27: Jackets out of ACC Tournament, Art Briles out at Baylor

One of college football's best coaches couldn't survive a scandal of his own making.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech baseball went down quietly in ACC Tournament pool play over the past couple of days, dropping consecutive games to Miami and Florida State to clinch an early elimination from the conference championship. Though it's likely that the team's single-elimination win over Boston College was enough to fully cement a trip to the NCAA Tournament, going 0-2 in ugly fashion is not the best way to make a statement at a critical time. The pitching was not world-beating by any means, but Tech's normally reliable offense sputtered dramatically over the final two tournament games -- the team managed just one total run against the Hurricanes and Seminoles. Fortunately, the Jackets do have one more opportunity to salvage a win when they take on NC State tonight in the final game of pool play. The game (obviously) means absolutely nothing for Tech's ACC Tournament hopes, but a win versus the same Wolfpack team that claimed two of three in Atlanta earlier this season would be a welcome occurrence.

Josh Pastner reportedly has his eyes set on yet another prospect with the last name Moore: point guard Justin Moore, a three-star recruit out of San Diego who will soon decide between the Jackets and Pacific. He's not the same caliber of player as those that Pastner so famously brought in at Memphis, but Georgia Tech needs help at the point guard position in the absolute worst way. This year is going to be rough regardless, but going in with exactly zero scoring options in the backcourt would be a recipe for disaster. Moore would ease that suffering tremendously. If he does choose Pacific, however, be prepared for a flood of "Pastner can't even beat out WCC team, fire him!" talk from the whiny section of the fanbase. It will happen, I promise you.

The Baylor front office shocked the college football world yesterday when the school elected to fire head coach Art Briles, one of the best college coaches in the country, for his involvement in a sexual assault scandal down in Waco. The fact that Baylor elected to both cut ties with a coach of Briles' stature so abruptly and demote their university's president, Kenneth Starr, really speaks volumes to the magnitude of this situation. Schools generally give coaches every opportunity to be either proven innocent or at least to achieve plausible deniability, but they kicked Briles out in a hurry. Every report about the scandal references Baylor football's internal handling of various incidents, something that the head coach absolutely has to know about. Even if Briles somehow didn't know about something like that, he still deserved to be fired just for failing so egregiously at his job. The difference is that his knowledge of reported sexual assault going unchecked should have legal repercussions for both himself and various associated staff members. Baylor absolutely did the right thing.

I mean, honestly? What kind of idiot would help sexual assault go unreported, jeopardizing the reputation of his employer, his family, and his players, just to protect some even bigger idiot who is now in jail? Where is the morality in that? This is the man who wrote a book titled Beating Goliath: My Story of Football and Faith, only to become the exact Goliath that innocent victims of sexual assault couldn't overcome. The irony is as blinding as the truth apparently is to some of his players, many of whom continue to defend his actions:

How there are people who are actually defending Briles is beyond me. One day this guy will look back and cringe at how foolish it was to chastise the people who were speaking out against an assault-enabling coach. Until then, just log off.