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Welcome to the 2016 Edition of From the Rumble Seat's 100 Days to Kickoff!

It's that time again!

Capital One Orange Bowl - Mississippi State v Georgia Tech Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

If you woke up this morning feeling a little extra pep in your step (beyond the fact that it's Thursday, meaning it's pretty much the weekend -- or so college taught me), there's a reason for that.

Today -- Thursday, May 26, 2016 -- marks an important landmark to Georgia Tech football fans everywhere. We're officially only 100 days away from the kickoff of the 2016 Georgia Tech football season!

What that means around here is that it's time to officially fire up the third-annual "100 Days to Kickoff" initiative. For those unfamiliar or who don't remember previous years, we're going to spend the next 100 days preparing you for the start of the 2016 football season. Every weekday, we're going to have articles previewing the season ahead in various ways. Who are the names you need to know? What should you expect? How does Georgia Tech match up with its prospective opponents? We'll cover all of that (and more!) over the next 100 days.

2016 sets up to be a crucial season for the Georgia Tech football program. It's paramount that they bounce back after a disappointing and embarrassing 2015 season, and restart their bowl streak for the next several decades.

So, buckle up, hold tight, and keep your browser tuned to FTRS. We've got a lot of ground to cover over the next 100 days to make sure you're ready for Georgia Tech's season, beginning against Boston College in Dublin, Ireland on September 3!

Countdown to Kickoff: 100