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Technical Tidbits 5/26: Russell Athletic bombs the "cool test" among recruits, Georges-Hunt experiencing NBA interest

Atlanta is not the only place that hates Russell Athletic.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to prospect evaluations in advance of the upcoming NBA draft, fewer teams are doing a better job of covering every base than the Denver Nuggets. In fact, one of the team's top prospects may be a bit familiar to Tech fans: former Jacket Marcus Georges-Hunt has been working out in the Mile High City. Though it's unlikely that Georges-Hunt will be drafted during the NBA's two-round selection process, the odds of him making an appearance of some sort with an NBA team -- whether it be in summer league or the preseason -- are very good. If not that, then I anticipate a trip to Europe for Georges-Hunt, a top-10 scorer in Tech history. He at least got to play some one-on-one against fellow former Jacket Robert Carter, Jr. at some point while with the Nuggets:

An interesting study carried out by Pick Six Preview's Mike Nowoswiat has now confirmed what we've thought to be true for a long time: Russell Athletic is neither cool nor an asset to Tech's recruiting. In the study, wherein 100 current prospects were asked for opinions on various topics, Russell Athletic received a score of 2.9 out of 10 in terms of coolness. The second-lowest score went to Under Armour, which received a 7.9, and Nike led the pack with a 9.5. What's even more frustrating is that only three teams received more votes than Tech when the prospects were asked to select a school with the ugliest uniforms. That's right, even a color scheme as unique and interesting as Tech's is completely destroyed by Russell's uniforms. Only Maryland, Penn State, and Alabama received more votes for worst uniform. It's just undeniable at this point: Tech's contract with Russell Athletic is costing the team recruits. It probably shouldn't be, but uniforms clearly have a bigger impact than we'd like to think. Time to move on.

In case you need any more indication that it's time to move past Russell Athletic, take a look at the new 15-year, $280 million contract that UCLA signed with Under Armour. For reference, Tech's 10-year extension with Russell (signed in 2008) is for 10 years and "over $20 million". No one in their right mind expects Tech to get as much as or more than UCLA, but $2 million per year is a far cry from the current market value for such an agreement. LeBron James recently came to a lifetime agreement with Nike which will pay him north of $1 billion. No one expects that either, but now is the time to change. Waiting for the end of the contract would be a mistake.