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Technical Tidbits 5/25: Tech back in ACC/B1G Challenge, Jackets advance to pool play with BC victory

The Jackets are back in the ACC/B1G Challenge after a full year of absence.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech may have lost the regular season series with Boston College just days ago, but the Jackets were able to take care of business versus the Eagles when it was absolutely necessary -- Tech downed BC by a final score of 6-0 last night to advance to pool play. I speculated yesterday that Tech's winning pitching combination would be Brandon Gold followed by Matthew Gorst, and head coach Danny Hall obliged nicely by allowing Gorst to finish off the final 2.1 innings to save Gold's gem. It's unlikely that Gold will pitch again this week, but I suppose that Gorst's 34 pitches don't fully prohibit him from making an appearance, possibly even as early as tonight versus Miami if there's a situation that Hall deems worthy.

Speaking of this afternoon's game versus the Hurricanes, it is worth noting that Miami -- despite being the top seed in the ACC Tournament -- is not even the highest-rated team in the national polls. That distinction belongs to the now No. 1 Louisville Cardinals, an absurdly talented team with their sights set on bringing a first ever ACC baseball title to Kentucky. Tech, for those of you counting at home, is going for title number ten; the team's nine current ACC Championships are good for first in history, tied with just Clemson. At any rate, if the Jackets can manage to get past Miami and the rest of the pool, those Cards will provide a massive test. With all due respect to Tech closer Matthew Gorst (who has had a better season), Louisville closer Zack Burdi is just filthy. He throws triple digits with ease and is honestly not the man you want to face. I can't remember a time that Tech had a guy like that (though Matt Grimes may have gotten close) and it's borderline unfair.

After a one-year absence, the Georgia Tech basketball team is back in the thick of the B1G/ACC Challenge -- they'll make the trip up to Penn State this season for a matchup with the Nittany Lions. The Jackets are currently riding a two-game win streak in the challenge, having defeated Illinois and then Northwestern in subsequent years prior to their exclusion during the most recent cycle. I know there's no really history between any of the ACC and B1G schools, but I really love the challenge nonetheless. Perhaps it's just some sort of ACC Napoleon complex, but winning games for the glory of the conference always makes me feel special. It's certainly better than playing cupcakes superior competition like USC Upstate and ETSU, at any rate.

In other basketball news, take a look at this awesome article from right here at FTRS detailing the over 25 offers that head coach Josh Pastner has handed out since his hiring.

I mean, that's as good as it gets. Every single offer in once place. It would take me roughly eight years to do that. Give it a look.