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Technical Tidbits 5/20: Tech vs. Vandy kickoff announced, another top target to Cal

Another day, another top Georgia Tech target headed to the West Coast.

He's slidin' in y'all windows, snatchin' y'all prospects up, tryna coach 'em
He's slidin' in y'all windows, snatchin' y'all prospects up, tryna coach 'em
James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Cal continued its recent poaching of Georgia Tech's high-value targets late on Wednesday night when four-star point guard Charlie Moore elected to sign with the Golden Bears, shirking Tech and a number of other high-profile offers. Off the top of my head, Moore is the third recruit who has elected to attend Cal over Tech when both schools were considered finalists over the past year or so -- former Tech commit Brandon Singleton and five-star athlete Demetris Robertson also call the West Coast home. Tech was never really a frontrunner for Moore's services, but his status as a former commitment of Josh Pastner at Memphis more or less forced a connection between the school and prospect. He ultimately decided to go with another team, but don't be discouraged. The fact that Tech gained as much traction with him as it did so late in the cycle is a testament to Josh Pastner's recruiting abilities by itself.

The ACC announced a 12:30 kickoff time for Georgia Tech's early season game against Vanderbilt yesterday afternoon, marking the first of what figures to a long string of early starts for the Jackets. No one really likes noon kickoffs just because they are at the perfect time to interfere with both morning and afternoon plans (not to mention the heat), but this is what happens when a team that went 3-9 hosts a team that went 4-8. Maybe bigger games versus Clemson and UGA will give the Jackets a better shot at a night slot. And as the article mentions, Vanderbilt has not won a single game in Atlanta since the 1935 season, or roughly the same amount of time since they've won any important game at all. At least that's what I would say if they Commodores didn't have a better record than Tech last season.

In typical Georgia Tech spirit, a group of researchers at The Institute have developed a new piece of technology which actually allows dogs to talk.

I come across an absurd amount of cool technological advancements that come from Tech while looking for sports articles, but this one is just a bit too strange and interesting not to include. I mean, we will soon be able to communicate with 99% of all college mascots when this is fully developed. The researchers only experienced one hitch in the production process, when they attempted to test out the invention on Uga; the effort was met with what was first thought to be static but later discovered to just be abnormally heavy breathing. Classic. The dog then proceeded to take a few steps and die of exhaustion, only to be replaced by Uga MMDCXVIII immediately. Who could tell the difference?