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Technical Tidbits 5/11: Johnson's early signing period proposal gains momentum, Tech dominates Savannah State

Could Paul Johnson's proposal for an early signing period be gaining some momentum?

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Georgia Tech baseball rebounded from the disappointing series loss against Miami in a big way last night, obliterating visiting Savannah State with 21 runs and a season-high 28 hits en route to a 21-3 victory. The poor Tigers, now 11-38 on the year, just never stood a chance against a team of Tech's caliber. It's games like these that really put the strength of the ACC into perspective; there are very few conferences (two, actually, with the SEC being the other) where a middling team can lose two straight games by a combined 29-8 only to bounce back the very next night with an easy 21-3 win. That is truly a testament to the caliber of teams that currently rule the ACC -- they are nearly unmatched in the country.

On the football side of things, head coach Paul Johnson's proposal to create a new early signing period for recruits could be gaining some momentum among his peers as the ACC spring meetings continue this week. Essentially, Johnson's idea is to create another window well before national signing day wherein prospective players could sign NLIs, effectively allowing them to sign on with a college long before other members of the same class. The proposal's appeal rests mainly in the hands of small-time recruiting schools like Tech, those which tend to rely on securing commitments before the rest of the country has an opportunity to discover the prospect in question. It would almost certainly benefit Tech, but I still can't force myself to support the idea. In my eyes, it would just create another chance for coaches to pressure student athletes into making hasty decision that really aren't in their best interests. It can be hard to turn down the first college that comes knocking, but that first school isn't always a fit. An early signing period would increase those types of snap decisions and likely escalate transfer numbers past their already high rates. There's no indication that such a proposal would benefit student-athletes in any way.

When you are able to fool Georgia Tech graduate students by pretending that an artificial intelligence robot is a teacher's assistant, you may just have crossed some type of line. This is almost certainly the case for professor Ashok Goel, who managed to accomplish that exact feat when he tricked his classes into directing all of their questions to one Jill Watson, a "teacher's assistant" who was able to remind them of upcoming due dates and respond to various inquiries using the power of artificial intelligence. I can't even express how much this would weird me out, though I do suspect that there are some robots in my life right now. For all you know, I could be an AI. I think I'll go with that from here on out. Direct any further bastions to my manufacturer. Anyway, on to the next order of business.

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Roy Williams coaches college basketball. His name starts with "R" and ends with "Y".

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