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Technical Tidbits 4/28: D.J. White, Adam Gotsis among the draft's most underrated players

In which a number of Jackets await tonight's NFL Draft.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL Draft coming up later on tonight, league analyst Daniel Jeremiah has compiled a list of his four most overrated and underrated players. Heading the list of college football's most underrated is former Georgia Tech cornerback D.J. White, who is projected to go somewhere in the third or fourth round of the draft due to concern about his atypical size for an NFL corner. I truly have no idea what about his size is so negative; as of 2014, the average size of an NFL cornerback was 5-foot-11 and 193 pounds. White, as it happens, stands at exactly 5-foot-11 and 193 pounds. I understand the shift towards bigger, faster corners, but discrediting White for being exactly average size is a little bit silly. Seattle's Legion of Boom -- which, at its height, featured a trio of secondary players over fix feet tall in Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner, and Kam Chancellor -- has sent the league into a bit of a tizzy. One lucky team should be able to see through that and pick up White in the later rounds.

Another former Jacket, defensive tackle Adam Gotsisis drawing similar reviews -- ESPN's Todd McShay recently named the Aussie as one of the most underrated players in the draft on his own list. The Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals have been named as a couple of potential suitors for Gotsis, and I really believe that Gotsis would thrive in Philly under new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. Schwartz has a great track record of developing defensive tackles, having worked with both Nick Fairley and Ndamukong Suh while in Detroit, and could do wonders for Gotsis' development. He may end up at defensive end at the next level, but there's certainly a bright future for Adam Gotsis.

Though it was previously reported that four-star point guard Charlie Moore was not considering Georgia Tech as a viable college option, it now appears that the highly-rated prospect could be giving coach Pastner a better shot than we initially thought. Moore, who was previously committed to Memphis prior to coach Pastner's hiring at Tech, is exactly what has been missing at Tech for years now: a play-making point guard with some solid driving capabilities. He is also the highest-rated player in the state of Illinois, an area containing the perpetually talent-laden Chicago area. Moore stands at just 5-foot-10 but would still be the first big commitment of the Pastner era at Tech. His presence would do a lot for a 2016 team which currently doesn't have much going for it. Take a look at his highlights below:

Feel free to make your picks for where each of Tech's NFL hopefuls will go in the comments!